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Learning from the Best: The Importance of Choosing a Certified Yoga Instructor

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When considering yoga teacher training for your future career as a yoga teacher, selecting a certified yoga instructor is important in teaching you the basics and complexities behind the art of yoga. But the question is, why is a choosing a certified yoga instructor vital for your future career path? You’re about to find out.

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If your yoga instructor is certified by the Yoga Alliance, you can receive required credit hours for your yoga education

One benefit of picking a certified yoga instructor to provide you the physical and cognitive knowledge you need to be successful in your career path is that if they are Yoga Alliance-certified, you can ensure to earn your required 200+ hours for your yoga education.

Through your 200+ hours, you will not just be one step closer to yoga certification, but you will also gain significant education, skills, and insight into your path. For those who are indecisive if yoga instruction is the best career for them, attending yoga training can help you decide.

Receiving certified yoga instruction can teach you different yoga techniques

A certified yoga instructor who has years of experience can teach you new techniques to engage in yoga that you may have never heard of nor thought of. Expanding your knowledge base is crucial to ensure you can be the most versatile, knowledgeable instructor as you possibly can be.

Sometimes when you think you already have your yoga philosophy and favorite yoga moves on hand, a certified yoga instructor will open your eyes to something different. Growth and open-mindedness are crucial when it comes to fully developing your yoga style, which you can gain through quality training.

Yoga teacher training will educate you on dealing with yoga-related injuries

When it comes to any physical exercise, regardless of how slow it is, there is a potential for injuries to occur. Fortunately, a high-quality certified yoga instructor can teach you how to tend to different injuries in your future yoga clients. An instructor can also assist you with adapting yoga moves for clients with preexisting physical conditions.

While you are not a medical professional, knowing how to manage injuries and be mindful of clients’ physical disabilities or chronic pain in your prospective yoga classroom is important to reduce the potential to receive a lawsuit. However, at any time equipment breaks and/or a client gets injured, having yoga insurance can back you up.

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Certified yoga instructors can deepen your practice on a mental and spiritual level

Many aspiring yoga instructors love that yoga is something that can improve their flexibility and breathing. However, any good yoga instructor will know how to affect their clients not just on a physical level but on a mental and spiritual level.

That said, receiving your training from a certified yoga instructor can teach you as a future teacher how to integrate the body, mind, and spirit in yourself and in clients. After all, yoga is about gaining physical strength, shifting your awareness, gaining mindfulness, and clearing bad energy through opening your heart.

Certified yoga training can teach you about the ethics apart of yoga teaching

Teaching yoga is not all fun and games. While it is enjoyable for many, as a future yoga instructor, you may be dealing with situations that require you to be moral and professional. There is a fine line between doing what you think is right versus what is actually right. An instructor can help get you further acquainted with these ethics.

Part of the Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct is to refrain from discrimination or unfair treatment, accept that not every student will have equal physical ability, and to create a safe environment where students can learn. Sometimes it is hard to picture what is ethical in a yoga classroom until you see it from student’s perspective first.

You can gain insight to the social aspects of yoga teaching when taught by a certified yoga instructor

Some future yoga instructors may not have had past experience in teaching. Many future instructors may even be on the quieter, more introverted side.

But when you are a student in a yoga teacher training course, you can grasp a better idea of how to take charge in the classroom setting. Maybe your instructor will have a specific way to grab students’ attention such as a certain clap or some other signal.

A yoga instructor can also teach you how to start and wrap up a classroom properly. The social aspects of teaching yoga may seem intimidating at first, but when you have the proper training, you can get it down quickly.

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Receiving training by a certified yoga instructor can have numerous benefits from helping you earn your Registered Yoga School (RYS) training hours to allowing you to gain a new mental and spiritual perspectives in yoga. When searching for an instructor, ensure they are relevant to your needs, highly-experienced, and have positive reviews.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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