Being a nurse is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but one of the most important to society and fulfilling for the individual.

It’s stressful and tiring and can consume your entire life if you let it and this is why it’s so important for nurses not to lose themselves in their roles and maintain a strong sense of self and independence.

If you want to be a nurse and want to know what you’re getting in to or if you’re already a nurse and are feeling overwhelmed, read on.

Family Life

Lean on your family as much as possible. The joy of spending time with your family will enable you to power through the long shifts and allow you to see why you’re doing all of this hard work in the first place.

Putting your job into perspective will enable you to face the long working days that can sometimes seem pointless … and endless.

Social Life

Sometimes the only way to recover after a hard period of work is to completely let loose and enjoy the time spent with your friends, whether it’s going and hitting a few bars with your pals or going on a long weekend break to an exciting new city that you’ve never been to before.

A life of hard work is no fun if you can’t balance it out with joy and laughter – this is why you bothered to make friends in the first place, so use them wisely.

Job Satisfaction

You need to feel satisfied in any job, otherwise you will grow to become absolutely miserable. Luckily, being a nurse is one of the most satisfying jobs around, even though you’ll be over worked and probably under paid.

The way to combat this is to focus on all of the good you’re doing for people. Nurses provide a very high level of comfort and help thousands of people in their careers.

If this isn’t enough, then focus on moving upwards in your career through promotions, etc. A great way to do this is to acquire some fresh qualifications, which leads us to…


The medical industry is constantly evolving, which isn’t an untrue cliché like in many industries. You have to stay on top of you game if you want to make it in this competitive industry.

There are thousands of nurses and most of whom are competing for the top spots in the business and so stay on top of this competition, you need to work on getting better qualified. You can get an MSN online or even do an ADN to NP programs online too.

Getting these qualifications means that when a high position on the nursing staff opens up, you can grab hold of it with both hands and should lead to more job satisfaction, because you’ll be a more important figure in the hospital.

Unless you do a job you adore, maintaining job satisfaction can be tricky, especially as you’re trying to survive as a nurse as well, but as you can see there are ways you can work at it yourself instead of carrying on every day, trudging through the grind and waiting to feel satisfied.