Studies show that the number of obese or overweight people is on the rise globally. This is largely because of modern eating habits that see people stock a lot of junk foods in their public storage facilities.  With this dawning reality, most people are opting for healthier foods.

Though eating healthy can be an easier and cheaper way of maintain healthy weight, there are those who feel that this can only happen when they have a lot of money. Below are simple tips to enable you eat healthy even when your budget is quiet low this season?

Opt for whole foods

Find foods that cost less in their processed form. For instance, block cheese will cost lesser compared to shredded cheese. Also, go for canned beans, which would be less costly than refried beans. At the same time, consider buying whole grains such as oats and brown rice which is less costly than many processed cereals per serving. Generally, less processed foods tend to be sold in bulk, which saves you cash per package.

Avoid shopping on an empty stomach

Going to the grocery store on an empty stomach is likely to stray you from the shopping list you have at hand, causing you to buy things on impulse. This is because hunger has a way of causing you to crave for foods that you not only haven’t budgeted for but are also not good for your health. Prior to visiting the grocery shop, try eat some yogurt or fruit.

Prepare large portions of food

Preparing large amounts of food can help you save some cash as well as time. As such, consider using leftovers in other recipes, for lunch or packing them in single portions so you can take them later. Leftover tend to make great stews. Salads, stir fries and burritos and are great for anyone on a small budget.

Make your own food at home

Preparing meals at home is far less costly than opting to eat out. On average, you can prepare enough food for four people at the cost of feeding one or two persons in a restaurant. Instead of taking a last minute rush to eat out, develop a habit to prepare your own meals at home. Some people opt to cook at home throughout the week while others prefer to make one meal at home at a time.

When you cook your own food, you benefit from knowing all the ingredients in the food. Look out for breaking news on home recipes and try them out at home to add some fun to it.

Prepare a grocery shopping list and stick to it

Planning your meals enables you to know the groceries you need to buy. The best way to avoid missing out on any grocery you need is to prepare a grocery list. Once you have prepared one, ensure that you follow it to the latter during shopping. This is because at the grocery store, you can be easily sidetracked and end up buying expensive items that you never intended to buy.