The back is the least place anybody wants to have an extra weight. It is also one of the most difficult places to get rid of fat. While genetics can be partly responsible for this condition; for most cases, it is a result of poor diet and either an insufficient muscle mass or a flaw in your workout regimen.

However you want look at it, back fat is not something you want to have and even if you already have, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Contained in this article are effective tips on how to eliminate traces of back fat.

Eating Right

This is probably the most important adjustment to be made for any fat loss goal to be successful. According to research featured on the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the primary cause for any form of obesity or lack of physical activity but an improper diet. No matter how much other efforts you make towards losing back fat, if your diet is not right, you’re only wasting time and probably money too.

A healthy diet is at the core of any weight loss. You must make sure to avoid excess calories, particular those in the form of unhealthy fats and sugar. There are a lot of healthy foods out there that you can include in your diet; like lean protein, vegetables, and fruits.

Turn Up Your Cardio

One of the effective ways to burn calories is with cardio. It also helps in blasting body fat. The success of any weight loss goal is partly tied to the seriousness you attach to these exercises. It should be performed as much as five times in a week; 60 minutes for each sessions. It is also advised to alternate between lower intensity and higher intensity cardio.

This helps to create an after burn effect, where your body burns even more calories long after completion of the exercise. This does a lot in shaking out any metabolism that proves to be stubborn.

Strength Training Exercises

Like every other parts of the body, the back is made up of muscles. The same way you can strengthen say you stomach muscles, is the same you can also strengthen you back muscles. A strengthened back muscle to a large extent impacts on any form of fat around the back. There are a lot of strength training exercises for the back.

Well Massive gives more details on these exercises and how to perform them. Even though it is advised that your strength training exercise should target the whole body (the major muscle group), if your primary goal is getting rid of back fat, let your back muscles be your primary concern.

Intermittent Fasting

As far as fat loss is concerned, there’s always a place for intermittent fasting. This is where you make up your mind to do without consuming food for as long as you can, depending on how long your body can go. During this period of time, you can only consume water or any other drink that does not contain calorie. It is in fact advised to take in a lot of water.

It can be done daily or weekly as the case may be. However, as effective as it is in losing weight, it depends on other efforts such as a proper diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes. As your body gets used to this routine, you can gradually increase your fasting period.


Your lifestyle or habits contribute a lot the success of your weight loss goals. This implies that there are lifestyles that encourage losing fat and there are those that do not. One habit you must cultivate is to always get enough sleep.

Getting enough sleep lowers your crave for food and this gives you control and helps you manage your appetite for food. On the other hand, you must ensure to cultivate the habit of managing stress. The more control you have over stress, the more the ability of your body to burn calorie.


As difficult as it may seem, losing back fat is possible and achievable. However, just like these unsightly bulges don’t appear overnight, they also may not disappear overnight. There is nothing like quick fixes when it comes to losing fat, especially for an area such as the back

. If you only can be diligent enough to ensure you consume healthy diets and engage in the right exercises, you’re sure on your way to a perfect looking back.