When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle sleep is of utmost importance. Not getting enough sleep can have a really negative impact on our quality of life, health and productivity. A well suited mattress can do wonders for helping you fall and stay asleep which in turn can improve your health and well-being.

Providing proper support

Studies show that a mattress that is designed to provide your body with the right support whilst you sleep can greatly improve your posture. A good mattress will supporting your body in key areas, allowing the spine to stay straight and take any unnecessary pressure off of the spine and other pressure points that are important to having correct alignment of the body.

By choosing a mattress that feels comfortable and relieves pressure off key areas of the body such as the neck, back and waist you may also be less likely to wake up feeling sore, stiff and achey.

Increases REM and NREM

Mattresses that are comfortable can mean less tossing and turning throughout the night. Usually a short period of uninterrupted, deep sleep is more beneficial than a long period of fragmented, poor quality sleep. If you feel you wake up a lot throughout the night and wake up feeling tired this could mean that you are not getting enough REM or NREM sleep.

REM or Rapid Eye Movement type sleep is the period in which we dream. During REM we can often have an irregular breathing pattern, raised heart rate and even experience muscles jerking. Having a good amount of REM sleep allows the brain and mind to refresh, renew itself and work through the day’s events.

NREM (or non-REM) is another period of deep sleep in which we do not dream. During NREM type sleep the person will usually be quite still, undisturbed and will have regular a breathing pattern. NREM is the time in which the body repairs itself, regenerating tissue or bone. It is also said that NREM type sleep can strengthen our immune systems.

There are a number of ways in which a mattress can increase the amount of REM or NREM sleep we get each night:

Decreasing the amount of motion transfer

If you share a bed with your partner or family pet and they move around a lot throughout the the night this can easily disturb your sleep. There a number of mattresses that have combatted this problem such as the Koala Queen Mattress that uses innovative materials and technology to stop any movements being detected by you during sleep.

Relieving Pressure and pain on joints and muscles

Tossing, turning and being generally uncomfortable whilst being in bed is often one of the main culprits of a poor night’s sleep. Moving around in bed is usually a sign of your mattress being unable to support your body comfortably. Ensuring you choose a mattress that provides your body with the support it needs whilst sleeping can mean more time in REM or NREM type sleep.

Moderating Temperature

Mattresses made from breathable materials can aid in maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night. If you tend to overheat thought the night or even become cold it can disturb your sleep and make it more difficult to drift off.

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for your specific needs the comfort factor should always be based on your personal preference. By choosing a product that works best for your unique body shape and size you can ensure that you give your body the best chance of getting the essential rest it requires, leaving you feeling well-rested and rejuvenated each morning.