Electronic Cigarette

If you take into account the America market, you will see that the electronic cigarettes have hit the market with enough force and the usage has also increased by leaps and bounds throughout the last few years.

The tobacco market has also stepped into the game and they are also making huge dollars by promoting electronic cigarettes.

There are companies like Buy V2 Cigs which are also helping the fight against tobacco cigarettes so that people can lead a healthier and safer life.

The companies usually welcome these products as the ingredients are all approved by the FDA and hence people are surer about the safety of these devices. But still there are many who are still not convinced about the fact that electronic cigarettes are the best alternatives to smoking.

Here’s how the companies are combating against tobacco and are helping in building a better world.

Few facts that you don’t know

Unless you decide whether you choose to vape or to smoke, there are few facts that you should know about vaping. Check them out.

Do e-cigs actually help smokers ditch tobacco?

Well, while there are many stories of ex-smokers who could quit cigarette smoking after they took to vaping but there isn’t any substantiating research which proves this. But still, it is said that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking.

The impact of e-cigs on children

As per the CDC, the total number of young adults who have been using electronic cigarettes has doubled and very soon it is going to triple. Are young kids becoming addicts to nicotine without even choosing a cigarette ever in their life?

Are there anyone among them who may switch to tobacco cigarettes later on in life? We’re still not sure about the impact of e-cigs on teenagers.

The ingredients used to release the vapor

Marketing and promotion is aimed at making people think that electronic cigarettes just emit vapor but this is not just the fact as there’s more to it. There are evidences and proofs that this vapor contains detectable levels of toxins as there are several unregulated manufacturers in the market.

Their impact on human health

Unless you’re sure about the ingredients, how can you be sure about the health impacts of e-cigarettes? However, evidence suggests that they are FDA approved and hence safe.

Therefore, if you’re wondering about how the e-cigarette industry is fighting against tobacco usage, you can take into account the above listed facts on e-cigarettes.