If you are a smoker then you might have undoubtedly heard about electronic cigarette speculations. Similar with other aspects in life, you’ll find myths upon every little thing and electronic cigarette come without an exception. Learning how to distinguish actuality from fictional can be the only way to disperse the fact from part lines.

However, before we discuss about myth and truth I would personally like to advice you that choose an appropriate electronic cigarette brand that will undoubtedly give you the biggest trust factor. Listed below are the most general electronic cigarettes myths:

Myth: Soon electronic cigarette be against the law

Truth and the only truth is: Electronic cigarette haters are targeting this particular. As there are some proposed policies being executed; nonetheless, it only involves age restrictions. Nowadays electronic cigarette has become mainstreams, so just relax it won’t going to be happen.

Myth: Electronic cigarettes are similar to tobacco smoking

Truth and the only truth is: No need to tell that nicotine is plainly addictive; it shows its effects on the consumer’s body nominal. But many people have strong myth that electronic cigarette also as harmful as nicotine.

But this is not truth at all; let me give you an example of traditional cigarette how harmful it is. Obviously you know that to lighten up traditional cigarette, you require lighter or match box and before you drag a puff you have already taken carbon inside with match box or lighter. When it comes to electronic cigarette it runs through batteries and functions automatically.

Myth: E-cigarettes bring teens from marketing cool packaging and flavors

Truth and the only truth is: This might be the funniest truth I have ever heard. As I have mentioned in the first myth teenagers are strictly not allowed to buy this product. Do you even know any electronic cigarette brand that appeals teenagers to smoke electronic cigarette?

For sure you won’t find any one. The reason behind catchy packages is we all love to see something new and that’s what electronic cigarettes suppliers do for marketing.

Myth: Electronic cigarettes are costlier than traditional cigarettes

Truth the only truth is: The person who might have commented this, for sure he or she would not have vape an electronic cigarette earlier. In all way electronic cigarettes are best, cheaper and also it is reusable. Generally, traditional cigarette packet costs £5 to £8.

When you are done with one packet you will have to purchase another one. When it comes to electronic cigarette it costs £15 that is only for one time. So you can easily distinguish both. I hope you might not be bad at mathematics like myth hatters. Right?