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PicoSure – The Best Laser Tattoo Removal in NYC

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But now, you’ve woken up. Some years have passed, or maybe just the hangover, and you’re stuck with the reality that the tacky yet vicious looking Black Panther now sprawling across your chest (or wherever) is permanent.

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Well, maybe not. A new development in tattoo laser removal may be able to help you out. It’s called PicoSure and it’s becoming an increasingly popular method for tattoo removal in NYC.

It’s pretty impressive capabilities even seem to be vanquishing some of the most stubborn tatts that resisted older forms of tattoo removal! And if you’re looking for laser tattoo removal in NYC, you’re in luck, because PicoSure is here!

What Is PicoSure Tattoo Removal?

PicoSure tattoo removal in NYC is a new type of laser removal technique named for its revolutionary picosecond technology. This technology uses extremely short, powerful pulses of pressure that hit ink particles with such force that they shatter.

By shattering the ink into even smaller particles, the laser makes the ink more easily absorbable by the body. Once the body absorbs the ink, it can then eliminate it, resulting in the lightening and disappearance of your tatt.

This is one of the reasons why PicoSure tattoo removal in NYC is becoming so popular—its picosecond technology can break down even the most stubborn inks. Even previously treated tattoos that survived other types of laser removal don’t stand up to PicoSure.

How Does the Process Work?

Removing a tattoo with the PicoSure method is fairly easy.

  • Will It Hurt?
    Many worry that it will hurt, but the PicoSure treatment itself is quick and many say the sensation is similar to getting inked. However, for those who have more sensitive pain levels, you can discuss pain management options with your practitioner.
  • How Long Will It Take?
    The process will require multiple visits and treatments. The number of visits will depend on the type of ink used, the size and location of the tatt, the type of laser that was used to create it, and even lifestyle habits that could inhibit the process.

In total, from start to finish, the process usually requires 4-8 weeks before the body is able to fully absorb the ink. Some of this depends on how well you practice post treatment protocol, as well as on the unique qualities of your tattoo and your body.

  • What Will It Look Like?
    Immediately after a treatment, you could experience mild swelling or redness in the area. Some also see a “frosting” of the treated skin, but this only lasts during and right after treatment. Over a bit of time, it should fade and resemble the color of your skin.

How Can I Get My PicoSure Tattoo Removal in NYC?

If you have had an ink incident you would rather forget and are looking for laser tattoo removal in NYC, here are some steps you should be ready to take:

  1. Find a Dermatologist in NYC
    The most trusted place you can find to perform a true, FDA approved PicoSure laser removal is a dermatologist in NYC. Dermatologist practitioners, like those of the Dermatology and Laser Group, are going to be much more likely to have an authentic PicoSure laser and practice real and safe laser removal.
  2. Go in for consultation
    during the consultation, the practitioner will evaluate your tatt and determine a reasonable treatment plan. That is when you should be able to learn about the estimated number of treatments and the time required.
  3. Undergo treatments
    now it’s time for treatment. Make sure you talk to your dermatologist about what to expect. Be sure to adhere to the prescribed number of treatments if you want the very best results.
  4. Practice proper post-treatment care/protocol
    your dermatologist in NYC will provide you with tips for proper post-treatment care of your treated area. You need to follow these steps for the best results as well as for the health of your skin.

So now you know, if you are looking for laser tattoo removal in NYC, check out PicoSure to ensure the best results possible.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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