I am pretty sure I was born overweight. I can’t remember a time in my childhood when I wasn’t chubby. As I got older, it stopped being cute and started affecting my health. When I turned 18 I decided it was finally time to get serious about losing weight.

As soon as I announced to my friends and family that I was changing my lifestyle, I got overwhelmed with all kinds of tips tricks and advice. While they were all trying to help, most of what I was told was 100% wrong.

Are you trying to navigate your own weight loss journey? Don’t get thrown off by misinformation. Here are a few of the most common myths I heard about weight loss and why they aren’t true:

Myth 1: Exercise Can Cure Obesity

The fact that exercise is good for you isn’t a myth, what is a myth is the common belief that exercise alone can make you skinny. What is the key to curing obesity?

It is all about diet. Recent studies have shown that diet alone is actually more effective than diet and exercise for weight loss. Exercise may work in the short term, but a healthy diet is the key to a lifetime of health and happiness.

Myth 2: Don’t EVER Eat Fast Food

Maybe there was a time when all fast food was deep fried and fatty, but today most popular fast food chains have heard customer demands and added healthy options to their menus. Things like salads, grilled chicken, and soft tacos are all safe options at the drive through. Just watch out for those giant sodas!

Myth 3: Don’t Weigh Yourself Everyday

I remember one time me and my mom went on a diet together. I only weighed myself once a week while weighed herself twice a day and kept track of every number. We both ended up losing the same amount of weight in the end.

How often you like to weigh yourself is totally personal. As long as you don’t stress about your body’s natural weight fluctuations, there is nothing wrong with weighing yourself as often as you want.

Myth 4: Healthy Food is Too Expensive

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve heard someone complain that they eat junk food because they can’t afford to buy health food.

NEWS FLASH! There are plenty of healthy food options that are cost effective as well as delicious. Frozen and canned vegetables tend to be cheaper than fresh and contain the same amount of nutrients. Bonus? They last longer!

Myth 5: Drinking Water Will Make You Lose Weight

It’s not a new magic diet pill… It’s water! Lose 15 pounds just by sitting around and drinking! Uhh… No. Unfortunately it is not that easy. Water keeps you hydrated and can keep help you snack less, but drinking water will not spontaneously make you lose weight. You’re going to have to put in a little bit of work.

Myth 6: Skip Breakfast

Of all the myths I heard during my weight loss, this one hurt me the most. I LOVE breakfast and was not happy about the idea of giving it up. Luckily I didn’t have to and neither will you. Skipping meals can actually lead to weight gain, not loss. Why? Because people who eat breakfast tend to eat less throughout the day.

What myths have you heard about weight loss? Let me know in the comments!

About the Author:

Meghan Jensen is a stay at home mom of 3 who just moved from sunny San Diego to the rainy streets of Portland. Her own weight loss journey lead her to getting bariatric surgery in 2010. Today she writes about her experiences on her blog, all about that Weight Loss.