The scientific name is Hieracium Pilosela. This medicinal plant belongs to the Asteraceae plant family. It is an herb native to Europe.

Hawkweed herb was born in the spring. The leaves are long, pale green on the upper surface and whitish on the underside. The flowers of this herb are 1.8 to 2.2 cm in diameter, yellow with red stripes on the outer surface.

The shoots of this herb is used medicinally in recipes. With regard to its composition: it has phenolic acids (caffeic, chlorogenic), which serve as diuretics. This herb is used in cases of edema or fluid retention, kidney stones, cystitis, and hyperuricemia.

Furthermore, the hawkweed contains flavonoids in the air. It also has phenolic pigments and coumarins, which give lipid-lowering properties and is used in cases of hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis.

On the other hand have been detected in the Hieracium Pilosela: bitter principles, inulin, carotenoids, tannins, mucilage, protein and carbohydrates. Vermifuge properties conferred upon him, antibiotic and antipyretic.

Recipes for this herb:

Infusion: Place 6 gr. of the aerial parts of the hawkweed, 250 ml. water and boiled and still warm, leaving it for ten minutes. Then filtered and the liquid obtained can be taken twice daily. Diuretic effect.

Decoction: 12 g are added. of this herb to 400 ml. water and keep boiling for one minute. After that remove from the heat, leaving it in contact with the water still warm for 12 minutes. The liquid obtained can drink during the day.