This herb grows in shrublands, and height above the sea level to 3000 m. It can grow to 50 cm. high. The scientific name is Solidago virga-aurea and belongs to the Asteraceae family.

Golden Rod can also be called with the common name: Solidago The leaves of this plant are oval and alternative arrangements. The flowers are very fragrant and yellow.

The flowers are tubular interior while the exterior has ligule. This plant has lots of tannins act as astringents and anti-inflammatory when applied to skin ulcers, eczema and wounds.

Furthermore, the flavonoids that give Golden Rod have a glass protective action, used in people with varicose veins, hemorrhoids and capillary fragility. It also contains saponins, providing a diuretic, used in cases of nephritis, cystitis, and edema.

The leaves of this herb have a sedative and hypotensive effect, are used in cases of anxiety and hypertension.

Recipes from this medicinal plant:

Decoction: Add 35 gr. Flowers of this herb to a liter of water, letting it boil for 2 minutes, then let stand another 10 minutes. Then filtered and the resulting liquid can be drunk throughout the day for diuretics.

Infusion of the leaves: Add 2 gr. leaf goldenrod to eight ounces of water and boiled and left in contact for 10 minutes. You get a liquid you can drink 30 minutes before bedtime to decrease anxiety.