Gynectrol Supplement

You cannot possibly be fine with wearing baggy clothes forever just to hide your man boobs; nor will you always be well-disposed to taunts and japes by fellow men and even women. But worry no more because the Gynectrol supplement is a natural solution you can try to rid you of this issue.

What Is Gynectrol?

Gynectrol SupplementThe Gynectrol supplement is a natural alternative that generally aids in weight loss. Specifically, it tries to re-balance the estrogen-testosterone composition in males, fixing the apparent hormonal imbalance that is the root cause of their big breasts. As Estrogen is the hormone naturally higher in females and lower in males, and the agent

responsible for the enlargement of breast tissues, the disproportion between the estrogen and testosterone levels that can happen in males leads them to getting unnaturally big breasts, commonly known as ‘man boobs’, scientifically gynecomastia.


How do you know the Gynectrol supplement is safe and actually works? Not only is it made and developed from all-natural active ingredients, its formula is essentially an optimum combination of such ingredients, the primary end of which is to curb the growth of adipocytes or fat cells, alongside the re-balancing of estrogen-testosterone levels. The combination of the following ingredients is a powerful force in fat burning:

  • Caffeine – while it activates lipolysis which works to do away with fatty acids and turn them into energy, caffeine is most helpful in increasing metabolism.
  • Guggulsterones – like caffeine, this ingredient fires up metabolism, except it is by stimulating the thyroid, which produces the hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. Genes responsible for glucose oxidation and energy production, when triggered by these hormones, cause to accelerate one’s basal metabolic rate.
  • Green tea extract – this ingredient is effective in increasing fat oxidation and energy expenditures.

Additionally, ingredients that aid in muscle building, muscle generation, and the boosting of testosterone levels itself, are present in the Gynectrol supplement. Muscle building is a key means to getting rid of the breast fat that sits above the pectoral muscles. Building up these muscles can vitiate the appearance of more breast fat.

How It Works?

Two of many muscle-building agents are Chromium, which facilitates the body’s insulin in regulating blood glucose levels, the boost of which may hamper muscle building, and Theobromine Cacao which, on the other hand, has arginine or the amino acid that assists in the regeneration of damaged muscle fibers.

Furthermore, the Gynectrol supplement is made with Sclareolides, the ingredient in charge of boosting testosterone levels, and therefore re-balancing the estrogen-testosterone composition. These substances prompt testosterones into performing its functions and offsetting estrogen conversion where ‘unused’ testosterones are converted into excess estrogen.

How To Use It?

Do you inject or just orally take the Gynectrol supplement? The Gynectrol supplement comes in the form of capsules and is taken only twice – may be simultaneously or separately – every day. It can be done in the morning or between meals, at least 20 minutes before.

If you are doing heavy lifting or any form of workout whether at home or in the gym, it is advisable that you take the supplement at least 30 to 45 minutes prior. Taking more than the prescribed dosage may be dangerous, however.

The best and fastest way to see results is still by taking the right dosage regularly and at the right time. Lastly, with a healthy diet and a proper workout routine to reinforce the effects of the Gynectrol supplement, you can finally say “good riddance” to those ugly man boobs in as early as 2 months.

The Gynectrol supplement shall be the end to the ho-hum baggy shirts and unsolicited japes. Stop fretting because the solution you have been waiting for is already here!