Dry Eyes

They say our eyes are the windows to our soul. But it is seldom that we take the time to care for them. More often than not, we take our eye health for granted. We forget that they are delicate orbs that need our loving attention.

The eye is subject to many conditions. The most common one that affects people is dry eyes. Dry eyes is a condition that normally affects elderly people, but it can also occur at any age and for many different reasons. Basically, dry eyes occurs when the eyes don’t get enough tears, either they evaporated too quickly or they are not produced in sufficient quantity.
Dry Eyes

The Importance of Tears

Tears are an essential part of our eyes’ health, without them, our eyes lack the nutrients and lubrication they need to function properly. Tears are produced when we feel strong emotions. We cry when we are sad, even when we are happy, and although it is important to release our emotions, tears have another very important function.

They are needed to lubricate, nourish, and remove any debris and irritants that might have gotten in our eyes.  Tears also provide important nutrients that keep our eyes healthy.

They are made up of proteins, electrolytes and vitamins alongside water and other oils that are essential for lubrication.  These nutrients are carried to our eyes so that they remain moist and healthy.  When we don’t have enough of these nutrients, or our tear ducts are damaged, we develop dry eyes.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes can be caused by several factors. Some of them medical, others are brought by environmental factors such as extreme wind and dry climates. And if not treated properly, this can cause blurred vision or temporary blindness. Here are the common causes of dry eyes.

Not enough environmental moisture – perhaps you live in a very windy place or in an extremely humid area. Such climate conditions can cause dry eyes.

Too much eye strain – starring on the computer for long hours without blinking can cause eye strain. This is common for people who play video games or do work in their computer all day long.

Auto-immune diseases – certain types of auto-immune diseases are also associated with dry eyes. Some of these are lupus, Sjögren’s syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis.

LASIK surgery –  LASIK surgery can sometimes cause dry eyes. This is due to the procedure where some nerves in the person’s cornea is cut which reduces corneal sensitivity.

How Fish Oil can Cure Dry Eyes Naturally

There are several ways to cure dry eyes; among them are artificial methods in the form gels and ointments that are used for lubrication. But they are not long term solutions.  And some can’t be used for more than a couple of weeks at a time.

We know how important diet is to our overall health, but seldom realize how a good nutritionally balanced intake can affect our eyes.  Recent studies have shown that fish fat containing long-chain Omega-3s is beneficial in preventing and reversing the dry eye condition.

Tears contain an oily aqueous film that coats the eye and the fatty fish oils which contribute to the production of this oily film. These Omega -3s can be found in cold water fishes like salmon, sardines, tuna and herring. They can provide the adequate amount of Omega-3s needed to maintain healthy eyes. If you prefer to use supplements, 500 mg. of fish oil is adequate for maintaining good eye health.

Easy Tips to Prevent Dry Eyes

Proper hydration and a regular consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits can also help keep dry eyes at bay. A reduce in alcohol intake is also a proven cure to reduce dry eyes. It is known that alcohol dehydrates your body as a whole and your eyes need as much moisture as possible.

Additionally, oils found in flaxseed oil, and grains contribute to maintaining a healthy level of tears in our eyes.  Food that has plenty of antioxidants and minerals are also important. Potassium and zinc are also necessary to create a healthy environment for your eyes.

Some types of medication can also dehydrate you.  When taking any medication, it is always best to keep hydrated. And if you believe dry eyes are a side effect of your medication, you should definitely consult with your health care specialist.

Remember, it is always better to maintain good healthy habits for your overall eye health. So take good care of your eyes naturally. Dry eyes are a very manageable condition and with proper care and nutrition you can totally avoid any unnecessary discomfort.