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Considerations for Disabled People Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

For disabled people, a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV) is a fantastic investment. These brilliantly designed cars can make trips, both near and far, simple and straightforward. They also enable you to avoid the headache and complications of using public transportation, which unfortunately is not particularly easily accessible (although it has improved). For those looking to purchase a WAV, there are a few important factors to consider.

Your Individual Requirements

With wheelchair users having many different requirements and circumstances, it has meant that there are many WAVs on the market and ones catered to different needs. To find the right car for you, it is first worth making a list of what your requirements are.

A few factors to consider are where you will be travelling to, how frequently you use the vehicle and how many people you usually travel with. You will then need to think about if you will be using the car for certain activities (school run, shopping etc) and how large your wheelchair is. Additionally, it is worth measuring how tall you are seated in the chair.

Finding the Perfect Car

With this information, you can then begin to shop around and research the different WAVs available. There are many variations of small, medium and large cars available; this means that you should be able to find one which best suits your circumstances.

Once you have found a vehicle, you should contact a leading manufacturer to discuss the car in more detail and to arrange a test drive/home demonstration. Allied Mobility is one manufacturer with a wide range of cars for sale.

The test drive/demonstration is crucial as you can test entering and exiting the vehicle, headroom when inside the car, stowing the wheelchair, storage space and, of course, how the WAV drives. There are many different models from leading car manufacturers, so do not fret if one does not tick all of the boxes. It is vital that you find the perfect vehicle, as this will ensure that you can travel safely and with confidence.

Independence and Freedom

A WAV will give you new found independence and massively reduce stress. Arranging a journey, no matter how far, is always stressful for those in a wheelchair. With these expertly designed cars, this stress is negated and it opens up an entirely new world.

Finding the right vehicle can be tricky, but with this advice, it should narrow your results and help you to find a car that will bring you and your family plenty of happiness.

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