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Don’ts in Hot Yoga: Tips for Beginners

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Beginners need not fear the heat. I always say that to beginners in hot yoga. Though from its name and with the looks of it, hot yoga is really very challenging, a proper preparation can make a beginners’ first experience easy.

Hot Yoga benefits

First let me discuss a few points about the benefits of hot yoga to your well being.
Fat burns faster in hot yoga session. The entire body including tissues, muscles, glands and organs get thorough workout during the sessions.

Heat aids in better stretching and movement of the ligaments, muscles and joints.

Hot yoga can also be an aid in weight loss and aids in faster metabolism. Blood circulation is also improved as well. Flexibility as well as the practice of mediation is improved during hot yoga sessions. The heat intensifies the workout thus added benefits are admitted in the body.

Don’ts in Hot Yoga

1. Do not wear uncomfortable clothes. Examples are thick shirts, constricting sports wears or cotton active wears. This will jeopardize your work out as well as your safety. Sportswear that doesn’t wick sweat might intensify the heat then normal and cause you to faint.

Wear light clothes or comfortable sportswear. For women you can have yoga tops plus yoga shorts or capris. Make sure they are made of sweat wicking fabrics such as Supplex. And try those that are superbly made and will give you comfort as well as style.

2. Do not drink too much water a minute before the hot yoga. You will feel bloated. Fullness of the stomach might hinder you from performing the poses well.  Drink lots of water but in right interval and right amount day and hours before. You can drink water also during workout but do not take in so much.

3. Do not forget your towels, Keep towel at hand to wipe sweat during breaks. Also put a large towel over your yoga mat to avoid slipping. This way, towel will absorb sweat and you will avoid slipping while doing poses     thus avoiding injuries.

4. Do not eat too much before the hot yoga session, Eat hours before and eat the right meal. And remember your diet all throughout.  Having the right diet and yoga can be a powerful combination to a healthier life.

5. Do not allow distractions. Don’t take it like you should be embarrassed as a first timer, Perform poses deliberately and surely. Do not be in a hurry. After some takes and breathing you will perfect it.

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6. Do not go out the door right away if you feel like you can’t stand the heat. Your body will be shocked. When you can’t stand the heat try to lie down in your back and breath. Calm yourself. This will help in easing the heat.

Wait for the end of the session when room temperature will be slowly turned down a notch until it is okay to go outside. Simple things but very helpful once you are new to hot yoga.

Try to memorize and internalize this and you will escape your first hot yoga unscathed and you will be back again, believe me.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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  1. I have been trying different ways to lose weight but none of them worked. A friend suggested that I should try doing hot yoga since an acquaintance of her achieved a slimmer body because of this. As enticed as I am, I’m glad to know that fat burns faster in hot yoga session, as it helps make the metabolism faster. With that being said, I think I shall start looking for yoga studios here in Binghamton.


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