Rhinoplasty Surgeon

In having a Rhinoplasty you have to be wise in everything. You have to ask questions as well. Questions if properly asked will yield the right answer which may guide you to your quest. Rhinoplasty is not a light decision to be made hastily.

It should involve a planning and not a hasty trip to an unknown surgeon. The best Rhinoplasty can only be given by the best Rhinoplasty surgeon. And where will you find them? In the best clinics of course. And best clinics are just hard to pinpoint if you are new in the field or process. So we circumvent again to the thing that is important, asking questions.

I made this myself a couple of years ago. I had my nose undergone Rhinoplasty due to some breathing problems caused by an injury back in college. And it felt better after. A couple of questions I added from my friends who had the surgery for the purpose of getting a nicer nose. Here they are.

Questions to Ask your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

  1. Am I in a certified clinic and are you a certified surgeon? Well your doctor won’t take this personally; I mean you are just looking for your health.
  2. Do you have trainings in the Rhinoplasty? Trainings aside from the license and credentials can make a difference. With trainings and real experiences, there will be measurable differences.
  3. How many Rhinoplasties did you perform already and are they all happy about the outcome? Getting this question is tricky, of course doctors won’t tell if they have unhappy customers right? But he can give you the figures about Rhinoplasty he performed and if it was numerous already, then it’s good. Just do some research later.
  4. How much is the real cost of the surgery? Ask this and make sure you get all including all the charges.
  5. How long is the Rhinoplasty? Specify the procedure you want and ask.
  6. What are the risks that I might be facing? This will make you ready and make possible cautions as well.
  7. What techniques will suit me and the nose that I want? These techniques will be based from the nose you wanted done.
  8. What kind of facility or where will be the surgery takes place? It will likely help too to know the facility where the surgery will take place. Ask also for the hospital or clinic protocol.
  9. What anesthesia do you use and what would be appropriate for me? The doctor here can give you options but it would depend on the surgery and the way you wanted it to go on. Anyway your doctor will tell you the positive sides of each anesthesia types.
  10. Do you have case similar to mine? With this you can get an insight on how it will turn out. Ask for before after photos.
  11. Can you create or do the nose that I want? This feels like you are asking for a dress to be tailored but anyway you have to ask this.

So seems like everything has been covered but you can add some more questions of your own here.