The rising level of air pollution is now a global concern. People in metropolitan cities witness smog outside their houses instead of clean and fresh air. Believe us or not but this is the harsh reality!

One of the main culprits of global warming is air pollution. It is one of the major issues that the world faces today and also leading to chronic health issues. We are all aware of the sad condition that prevails in our capital city, Delhi.

People now crave to breathe some fresh air. Leave fresh but air which is free of pollutants. The gases at present which we are inhaling are slowly killing us. Air pollution is majorly man-made and in rare cases, it happens naturally, like a forest fire.

As the population is increasing, there is an increase in the number of vehicles and thus leading to shooting levels of CO2 in the atmosphere. This inevitably brings about many health hazards that were unheard of earlier.

Major health issues

You might feel secure inside your home, but what is the scene outside; where you spend the major chunk of your daily lives?

Let us discuss some of the health problems that are caused as a result of air pollution:


There are around one billion cars on the road. These vehicles give out toxic gases into the atmosphere and cause great damage to the air around us. Traces of sulfur and nitrogen are the main causes of Asthma among people.

Asthma can be caused by other factors too but air pollution can worsen the condition of a person suffering this chronic disease. It’s reported that Ozone gas which is a common outdoor pollutant can also trigger asthma and block the airways of the lungs.

Lung Cancer

Well, don’t be so shocked but it’s true. The amount of pollutants that have infested the air around is beyond normal. Some of the toxins present can also be carcinogenic and lead to lung or pulmonary cancer.

Though curable, one has to maintain the level of toxins present in the air around them.

Chronic bronchitis and emphysema

These are two types of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in which air passages and air sacs or the alveoli change their shape and sometimes the signs are permanent.

It becomes really difficult or the person affected to breathe normally. People who are affected the most are the miners you constantly breathe dust, diesel fumes, and other toxic materials. Using air purifiers and Fresh Air Cans can help them to an extent.



Polluted air also carries bacteria with other pollutants. If inhaled into the respiratory tract it can cause pneumonia. It makes the lungs really weak and the chances to get worse are higher if the person is exposed to more pollution.

Birth defects and premature deaths

Yes, you heard us right. Air pollution is also a red alert zone for pregnant women. WHO in the year 2012 reported around 7 million premature deaths due to air pollution. There are also a number of defects that a child may suffer because of the ill effects of air pollution.

They usually have lower immunity as compared to other babies who are less exposed to pollutants. At a very young age, they might suffer from chronic respiratory problems, infections, and inborn allergies as well.

Cardiovascular and neurological problems

Air pollution not only attacks the respiratory system but can also irritate the blood vessels around your heart. Recent research has shown that air pollution can adversely affect the heart in the long run.

Air toxins can easily seep inside and can also interfere with our neurological behavior.

Immune dysfunction

Pollution of any kind causes great damage to our immune. We become susceptible to more diseases and our body becomes weak to fight the foreign particles. Poor air quality can cause serious complications and abnormalities to our immune system and can later have a long-lasting effect on our body.

Beating Air Pollution

  • Is there no way in which air pollution can be curbed?
  • Can we never expect to breathe in fresh air and stay healthy?

You must have noticed your friend or a colleague having asthma attacks or allergies after traveling even for a short distance. Or have you ever felt that irritation in your eyes and feeling dizzy after a long day outdoors?

Well, the only option to counter the ill effects of air pollution is to use an air purifier. An air purifier could be used in both a residential and a commercial setting.

Without an air purifier, your house could collect lots of dust and germs which are invisible to the naked eye and can lead to multiple health problems. Trust us; they are a blessing to humankind as they help in removing air-borne pollutants.


Air pollution causes 1 in 9 deaths worldwide. And it’s high time to act upon this! We just can’t leave people exposed and dying in such a hazardous atmosphere; serious action and regulations should be adopted to counter the rising pollution in India.

Rather not a fun fact, eleven out of the 12 most polluted cities on a World Health Organization list were in India. It’s a sign of doom and how horrendous the air quality has become. If this would be totally ignored, then millions of people would be seen wearing a mask almost everywhere, every time. That will be our future!

Author Bio:

Kedy is an inspirational author and recommends people to use an air purifier at home in order to get pure air and keep your family safe from air pollution diseases.