Nothing pleases a man more than hearing the love of his life telling him she’s pregnant. The thought of having a child is sweet music to a man’s ears. However, as easy as this may seem, some men find getting their partner pregnant with great difficulty, and this isn’t from lack of trying.

The cause could be a number of factors but what if I told you the problem could be in tucked right in your pocket? A researcher from Japan, Kumiko Nakata, discovered that electromagnetic waves that comes from Wi-Fi devices such as home routers, mobile phones can cause severe problems to sperms.

Here are some facts you need to know about how WiFi devices affects male fertility;

30% of fertility related issues comes from men:

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 15% of partners in the world having complications when it comes to having their own children.

At least 1/3 of the fertility issue come from men. We are well aware that these can be caused by a number of factors. Factors such as poor living condition, bad environment, poor diet, stress, genetics, and many other things. Nonetheless, as minor as  keeping a mobile device in the pocket could be the reason for misfiring and stopping you from growing your family.

WiFi exposure test:

Japanese scientist got samples from a group of 51 men and had them in 3 groups. They made use of WiFi devices, duplicating mobile phones.

One group of men weren’t exposed from any WiFi routers. The second group were however exposed from WiFi router but had protection shield, while the third group complete exposure.

The samples gotten were placed proportionately close to the WiFi device,duplicating the mobile phone being carried around in the pocket. The results were presented after different times.

Sperm gets damaged 2 hours after:

This discovery was shocking. Scary even.

Exposure to WiFi signal showed little or no signs, but longer exposure starter manifesting noticeable difference. The motility rate of the group that were unexposed after 2 hours was 53.3%, the shielded group was 44.9%, while the exposed group had only 26.4%.

Just after 24 hours later, the rate of dead sperm for the group exposed was 23.3% compared to 8.4% for the group that was unexposed.

There are more mobile devices than there are people:

Statistics shows us that the number of active mobile gadgets is significantly larger than the present world population. This means, one people has access to more than one mobile device and the damage caused by the devices waves is just too serious to overlook.

Prevention might be easier than it seem:

Nakata states that the study confirmed that electromagnetic waves that WiFi devices give off are considerably safe for humans in terms of health and well-being. It is safer to have your phone away from your pocket. Having it placed on a table or desk would make a big difference if the goal is to grow your family.

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