It started with an onset of morning depression. My generally happy persona faded away during a cold Utah winter. Being from California, I avoided going outside when it was cold or snowing. In the mornings, I would wake up a different unhappy person. I was under the impression I woke up unhappy because of my Sleep Apnea. I was wrong. It all changed with one conversation from a helpful friend.

At lunch one day, this friend told me all about her depression and how she stopped her depression by taking a daily vitamin D supplement. It all made sense to me. Vitamin D comes from the sun, and the sun makes people happy, right?

She didn’t know about my problem but I took mental notes on everything she said. The first thing my dentist-trained mind wanted to do was look up all the peer reviewed research on the subject. After lunch I did and to my surprise her advise had sound research to back it up.

By night-time I had purchased bottle and taken a dose of vitamin D. The next morning I followed with another dose of vitamin D. Then, strangely, on the drive to work I had this urge to turn up the radio and sing along. I did just that. It took me a few minutes to realize, “Wow, I think the vitamins made me happy.” That isn’t the only thing that it worked for.

My stomach pains that had been developing for the last few months had gone away. It was working better than the gluten-free diet I was on. Today vitamin D has relieved all of my stomach irritability and I never wake with that dark feeling anymore.

After my new found stomach durability and restored glee I started to do more research on vitamin D in general. Here are the key points on what I had found:

  • Due to staying out of the sun, there is a world epidemic of vitamin D deficiency.
  • Depression has a strong relationship with the lack of vitamin D.
  • Inflamed and Irritable bowels are relieved by increasing vitamin D.
  • Sleeping Disorders, including Sleep Apnea, are minimized by keeping a steady blood concentration of vitamin D.
  • Osteoporosis is often prevented by the uptake of calcium promoted by vitamin D.
    With a correct and healthy level of Vitamin D, all of these conditions can possibly be eliminated. Most are at least improved with the recommended daily amount.

Since my discovery of vitamin D, I have had the privilege to further study the treatment of sleep apnea in my dental practice. It has opened the door to learning the effects of replenishing our body with vitamin D, including its strong role in the depth of sleep we require.

Perhaps it is time for the medical world to revisit the possibilities of vitamins in our lives. My hope is that this will help at least one person who never considered a natural remedy to a vitamin D controlled disease. Consider me that helpful friend.