We love our partners regardless of their imperfections, don’t we? However, if your partner snores, it can be quite annoying at times to put up with it.Did you know that their snoring can be more than just a minute imperfection?

It may be an indication of a much deeper problem like sleep apnea which is a gateway to all sorts of serious health issues. Regular snorers may find it difficult to breathe, suffer from insomnia, etc.

Many people tend to have an uncomfortable sleep due to their snoring. Not only does snoring causes of sleep deprivation but it also causes a significant reduction in work performance and alertness. This makes snoring, an issue to be addressed on priority. Roughly 4 out of 10 adults snore during sleep. Despite being one of the most common sleep disorders, snoring or sleep apnea goes undiagnosed and untreated for most of the people.

Moreover, we, as non-snorers, may also suffer health problems in the long run due to insufficient sleep and fatigue. While most people choose to sleep on it, you should not! Read on to discover why you must not choose to ignore your partner’s snoring.
“Sleep is the best meditation” Dalai Lama

Does Snoring of partner affect your health?

If you have a snoring partner, you may have the following health implications:

  • Increased risk of hearing loss:An average sound produced while snoring is 40 decibels. Research says that noise produced during snoring is sufficient enough to vibrate the inner ear. This vibration can result in hearing loss and will be more predominant on the ear of your partner’s side.
  • Relationship problems: According to a study from Finland, half of the bed partners had disturbed sleep almost every night and one third of people claimed that it affected their relationship. Sleep deprivation had made them irritated, which resulted in arguments between them. Even their professional life was affected due to lack of concentration.
  • Cognitive problems: Sleep deprivation can result in cognitive problems. According to the Franklin Institute Resources for Science Learning, sleeping is an essential activity required by the body and brain to rest. Inadequate sleep can result in inefficient functioning of the body and also the brain.
  • Psychological Problems:Lack of sleep can result in a number of problems including depression and anxiety. Due to regularly disturbed sleep, not just your snoring partner but even you may wake up with a heavy head in the morning.Chronic headaches are also common in such cases.

In such a mental state, it is advised to avoid the activities that require mental alertness, like driving. Because of sleep deprivation, your ability to actively face any sudden challenge is adversely affected. It also adds to irritability and restlessness.

What exactly causes snoring?

Snoring occurs when airflow through nose and mouth is obstructed. This obstruction can be caused due to several factors such as obstructed nasal airways, bulky throat or poor muscle tone in the tongue and throat. Snoring, however, is influenced by many factors such as stress, weight, and diet to name a few.

Snoring & Health Risk:

Snoring is not just an inconvenience to one’s sleeping partner but has an adverse effect on the health as well as the physical and mental productivity of the snorer as well. Snoring not only causes loss of sleep for the sleeping partner, it also causes sleep deprivation for the snorer.  Snorer suffers from sleep fragmentation and irregular sleep structure. These sleep disturbances, in the long run, increase the risk of heart conditions, stroke, and diabetes for the snorer.

Can we help our partners to stop Snoring?

Yes, we can! The innumerable amount of researchhas helped us in understanding the reason behind snoring. This implies, we can cure it with more precision. While home-treatments can be tried in case of minor snoring, for regular snorers, it’s recommended to pay your doctor’s a visit.

She/he will be able to understand the real reason behind your partner’s snoring and will be able to detect associated health issues, if any. However, here are some tips and techniques that may help you get rid of, or at least reduce, your partner’s snoring at home:

  • Snoring occurs when there is a hindrance in the natural flow of air from your nose to your lungs. If your partner has put on extra weight, motivate them to shed those extra pounds. The extra tissues deposited in their throat may be the cause of snoring.
  • Lifestyle changes like cutting down of alcohol (and other sedatives), especially right before bed, may help reduce snoring as well. Alcohol makes the tongue and all the muscles relaxed which may get in the way of the air passage, thereby, resulting in snoring.
  • Avoid certain foods such as chocolate, dairy products, etc. as they can aggravate snoring.
  • Add 2-3 drops of peppermint oil in hot water and ask your partner to inhale the vapor. This will clear out any congestion that she/he may have in the throat causing them to snore.
  • Other commonly practiced ways to stop snoring is using dental appliances, nose strips.
  • Interestingly, Australian Aboriginal wind instrument strengthens the muscles of the upper airway in the mouth. You can give it a try!

Quality of Life of Partners:

According to a study carried out by doctors of Mayo Clinic and published in Chest Journal, upon treatment of partners with sleep apnea, there was an improvement in spouse’s quality-of-life scores by 20%.

As discussed above, there are a number of solutions to help your partner to stop snoring and get peaceful sleep for both of you. Don’t let snoring affect your relationship.Be calm and patient as you go through the situation. Sleep apnea is a serious condition and it requires proper medical attention. Just remember, communication is the key! Let your partner know their snoring is bothering you. Let them know the serious implications of the same in both your lives. When your concerns are communicated calmly, your partner will jump on-board towards your journey of improving both your nights’ sleep.

Author Bio:

Katherine Dilworth is a wife, mother and a blogger and she writes on caseydilworth.com, this blog provides exclusive information on Why do People Snore and Snoring Solutions.