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Dental Tourism in Costa Rica: Dental Treatments and a Magical Place to Visit

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This Central American country has become a paradise for people looking for quality dental work at the best price. Getting dental implants in Costa Rica is something that thousands of Americans have already done in the last 15 to 20 years.  

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Costa Rican dentists has been characterized by being highly qualified and attentive to their patients, using state-of-the-art equipment, and mastering English for better communication.

All while offering tourists a place that’s safe with beautiful landscapes to discover.

Postponing dental care has risks, which in the end can be very expensive

Dental tourism is not only necessary for expensive procedures such as different types of dental implants or restorations. Dentists recommend at least one preventive annual visit, if we add to this that you can enjoy a vacation on beautiful beaches and great biodiversity, Costa Rica has all the necessary elements to satisfy your dental and adventurous needs.

Costa Rica is winning the battle against Covid-19

The Costa Rican Ministry of Health reported on Sunday, June 28th the fifteenth death caused by Covid-19, with a lethality of 0.50%, this is the lowest rate in the region and one of the lowest in the world; Panama’s case fatality rate is 1.92%, while Mexico has one of the highest case fatality rates in the world (12.4%).

So far, Costa Rica has registered fifteen deaths from Covid-19, of which six correspond to women and nine to men with an age range between 26 and 87 years. And even though these numbers seem to rise (which is expected since they are starting to open up more businesses), Costa Rica is still doing incredibly great compared to their neighbors.

Previously, the country had reported no deaths since June 10. It is necessary to recognize that a large number of infections are due to cases imported from Nicaragua, since this country lacks an objective plan to combat Covid-19, and Nicaraguans need to seek public health in Costa Rica.

Economic opening

Costa Rica began phase 3 of opening economic activities, which is carried out in a differentiated manner by districts and cantons, depending on the level of alertness of each and the risk of contagion.

This phase allows stores, cinemas, theaters and museums to operate on weekends, at 50% of their capacity and with the mandatory use of masks. Churches have also begun to open, but must comply with social distancing.

The authorities reported that they are working to ensure to have a balance between the protection of health and human life, as well as the economic recovery of the country.

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The world is facing a new normal and Costa Rica seems to be a nation that is adapting quite well.

Costa Rica is a top destination post Covid-19

Many celebrities have shared where they’re definitely back once all the Covid-19 crisis has settled down, and Costa Rica has made top of that list.

Besides having an incredible public health system and incredible yet affordable private care, Costa Rica offers breath taking sceneries that are craved by top celebrities during these times.

Costa Rica’s borders to open on August 1st

 Costa Rica’s borders are planned to open on August 1st to select countries. These countries include low risk countries of the European Union, Canada and the UK.

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