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Complete Information about Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come through and usually appear between the age of 17 and 25. Out of 32 teeth, they are the four third molars. Generally, wisdom teeth affect other teeth as they develop and often require to be extracted as they cause impaction.

What is impaction of teeth?

When there is not enough room for the wisdom teeth to come out, it will get stuck against the tooth in front of it. At this point, the wisdom teeth will be at an angle and will be described as impacted by the dentist.

Different types of impaction

There are different types of impacted wisdom teeth depending upon the way the teeth have grown through.

  • Mesial impaction – It is a condition when the tooth grows at an angle facing front of the mouth.
  • Vertical impaction – It is a condition where a tooth is straight but has stuck against the tooth next to it.
  • Horizontal impaction – It is a condition where tooth grows horizontally
  • Distal impaction – It is a condition when a wisdom tooth grows away from the tooth next to it and gets placed in a fixed condition.

Problems related to wisdom teeth

Wisdom tooth can cause a great deal of problems. If it does not fit in the space, it may sore the gums. The gums may swell up and food particles and bacteria can collect under the gum edge. Many a times, it has also been observed that they are a cause of great discomfort and pain. If all these problems persist, it is advisable to get the wisdom tooth removed by an able emergency dentist in Wasilla.

Is it difficult to get a wisdom tooth removed?

The removal of wisdom tooth depends upon the position and shape of the roots. It is your general dentist in Anchorage who will tell you how easy or difficult it will be to remove the wisdom teeth after looking at the x-rays. Dentists often find the upper wisdom teeth to be easily removed than the lower ones.

Procedure for wisdom tooth removal

If you want to get a wisdom tooth removed, always consult a qualified and experienced emergency dentist in Wasilla. First of all, the dentist will take an X-ray of your teeth to find out whether it must be removed or not.

After examining the condition of your wisdom teeth, he will suggest whether it must be removed or not. If the tooth requires extraction, the dentist will carry out safe procedure of wisdom tooth extraction.

How to find a good dentist for wisdom tooth extraction?

You can locate a good dentist for your wisdom tooth extraction by taking help of the Internet. You can refer to the website of Alaska Center for dentistry to find out more about the dentists and procedure of tooth extraction. Alaska Center for dentistry has a team of well qualified and experienced dentists who know how to deal properly with the extraction of teeth.

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