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All you need to know about Wisdom Teeth

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Young adults, as they become mature and wise, they grow in their wisdom teeth. Now, this is an old wives’ tale which has less value in modern dentistry.

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The four back-most teeth are known as the wisdom teeth and they grow in as one reaches the teenage years or adulthood.

Some are really lucky as they do not experience any trouble when their wisdom teeth grow in while some are not. Dentists suggest most individuals get their wisdom teeth removed without much delay.

Are you in your teenage years or adulthood? Are you suffering from any kind of oral discomfort like jaw pain or gum infections?

Then, chances are high that your wisdom teeth are causing them. It is time to consult your dental practitioner. He or she is the best person to examine whether it is important to remove the teeth and if necessary, prepare you for surgery.

A fact – The name ‘wisdom teeth’ emerged in the seventeenth century.

What are wisdom teeth and why they should be removed?

The third and final set of molars that grows in is called the wisdom teeth. Permanent set of molars develops soon after the loss of baby teeth.

In most people, wisdom teeth do not grow before reaching late teenage years or early adulthood. They grow at the back of the mouth. If this set of molars is aligned properly, they can help with chewing food easily and quickly.

But for most people, wisdom teeth result in dental problems as they do not grow properly and are misaligned. It is for this reason; they are needed to be removed as early as possible.

Misaligned wisdom teeth can cause jaw pain and gum infections. In future, these complications may take a serious form. These teeth are not indispensable for survival. That is why dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth to secure good oral health.

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Crooked wisdom teeth affect the nearby teeth. Those leaning towards adjoining teeth pose troubles as this misalignment can form deposits of food and debris and trap germs, thereby, causing tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease.

How to know your wisdom teeth are problematic?

Jaw stiffness, swelling of gums and pain in the teeth; all may be the symptoms of misaligned wisdom teeth and gum infection. If you experience such problems, you should consult your dentist immediately.

Neglecting molar pain can lead to cavities or tooth decay in the long term.

Flu-like symptoms like nausea or sore throat do not always alarm about minor gum infections. They can be symptoms of infections caused by wisdom teeth. In order to know about that you need to visit your dentist.

Removal of wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction does not involve any complication. It is a safe, less time-consuming routine dental procedure.

If you suffer from pain and swelling in the gum and socket (where the removal took place), bleeding gums (constantly for 24 hours) and jaw pain after the extraction, you need not panic as they are normal.

Severe side-effects are very rare following the removal of wisdom teeth. If your body is susceptible to infections, due to the extraction, bacteria in your mouth can enter into your blood stream and cause serious health problems.

In that case, your dentist may prescribe you to take antibiotics to check infections prior to the surgery and after that as well.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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