Yoga is a practice that is loved by many and, at the same time, feared by many. Amongst men, there is often a concern that this is not an actual form of exercise and that yoga may be more tailored towards women.

As Raghunath explains on DoYouYoga, a lot of men might be afraid of being teased about doing yoga amongst their friends – this is true for younger men where peer pressure is still seen as an important part of their ability to fit into society.

No matter – yoga still has many benefits to offer men, and it should be an important part of a man’s life since these benefits do not only affect their fitness but attend to their overall well-being – both physically and mentally.

From its ability to reduce stress to its ability to enhance your sex drive, in this post, we are going to take a look at the most significant benefits that yoga for men.

1. Yoga Improves Health, Not Only Fitness

When you hit the gym to lift some weights or run on the treadmill, you are attending to your overall fitness. Improving your fitness has numerous benefits for you and its benefits certainly extends toward your physical and emotional well-being.

With yoga, however, the goal is not only to directly improve your fitness, but also to attend to your overall health well-being. Thus, by practicing yoga regularly, you are not only becoming more fit, but you are also improving the well-being of your body and your mind simultaneously without only relying on fitness for health benefits.

2. Yoga For Men Takes Care Of The Issues In Your Sex Life

Sexual problems in men are much more widespread than you might think. In fact, many of the men that are reading this article will have experienced (or are currently experiencing) some well-being sexual issue.

This may include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation or another type of problem that relates to their sexual health. Yoga for men has been proven to improve the sexual well-being and the sexual performance of men. Men’s Health recommends the chair pose and the camel pose for useful improving sexual function.

3. Yoga Enhances Immunity

Our immune systems play a vital part in maintaining the well-being of our bodies. With an impaired immune system, we are more prone to develop infections caused by bacteria that enter the body due to our bodies not having the ability to fight against the bacteria.

A weak immune system also contributes to a higher risk of developing many deadly diseases – including cancer. Yoga for men has the ability to strengthen the immune system; thus enhancing your body’s ability to fight against bacteria, infections and disease.

4. Yoga Reduces Your Risk Of Overeating

Cravings for junk food is one of the leading factors that contribute to excessive weight gain and obesity. Obesity, in turn, can cause many damaging effects on your body. It has been found that obesity contributes to all forms of the disease that causes preventable and premature death.

Prevention reports that yoga is an excellent strategy for overcoming those junk food cravings. They recommend performing the Standing Forward Bend and the Child’s Pose to help you beat those cravings.

5. Yoga Assists With Digestions

Digestions play an important part in maintaining your body’s overall well-being. Problems with the digestive system can cause the development of unpleasant symptoms, such as stomach cramps, bloating and even heartburn.

Yoga helps you fight against these problems by improving your digestions. To use yoga for digestion, Yoga Journal recommends the Cat-Cow Pose, the Downward-Facing Dog Pose, the Triangle Pose and the Revolved Triangle Pose.

If you are currently taking an erectile dysfunction natural treatment, then you should know that by improving your digestion, the ingredients in the supplements may also be absorbed better; thus causing the product to become more effective.

6. Yoga Can Increase Muscle Mass

This might be quite a surprising fact for most men, but, just like strength training, yoga for men can also help you build more muscle mass throughout your body. Yoga just works a little different from the strength training protocols you participate in when going to the gym.

While strength training requires lifting heavy weights and other high-intensity protocols, yoga instead utilizes your body’s natural resistance and, of course, your body weight, to give you a similar workout and to build more lean muscle.

7. Yoga Relieves Stress

One of the most beneficial advantages that you can gain from practicing yoga is the reduction in stress. Stress is something that most of us suffer from – it can be caused by your career, by your relationship, by your family or simply by factors in your daily life.

Stress is bad for your health – not only for your psychological health but also for your physical well-being. Yoga for men has the ability to relieve your stress and put your body into a state of relaxation.

8. Yoga Enhances Mental Performance

Even though we often fail to realize it, our mental health is just as important as our physical health – in fact, it might be more important that some aspects of physical well-being.

Without a healthy mind, we are prone to developing symptoms of depression and anxiety, and leading a lower quality of life. Approximately 20 minutes of yoga is able to enhance your mental health and even offer you a boost in cognitive performance.


While there is a social expectation that portrays the idea that only heavy weight lifting and other high-intensity protocols are appropriate for men, it is important for men to realize that there are other particular forms of exercise that are able to offer them even greater benefits in some cases.

Yoga is one particular practice that men can gain numerous benefits from, yet the majority of men fail to realize the many health benefits they can achieve by simply practicing yoga.