Healthier living is slowly beginning to become a universal term and it doesn’t necessarily only depend on eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains but also needs the consideration of nutrition value, sustainability and food safety. Our health gets impacted by the way the food is grown as also does the environment.

The term “organic” is quickly coming to take over the food industry and is branded as the healthier eating solution. Though it is scientifically still a question whether organic food is really more nutritious than non-organic or not. But there are many advantages of organic food with the satisfaction that your food is natural and hasn’t been tampered with.

Positively Impacting Antioxidant Capacity

Numerous studies have been made on how the antioxidants derived from organic food affects the overall health and it has been noted in the research that there has been more impact of antioxidants that come through organic food over other types. This can be due to the negative effect that foreign chemicals can have over different vitamins, minerals and organic compounds while interacting during the growth process. These negative effects hamper the capacity to provide the real benefits of fruits and vegetables that are essentially healthy and prevent things like cancer, heart diseases, vision problems, premature aging and cognitive malfunction.

No Use of Pesticides or Herbicides

Herbicides and Pesticides are poisonous and by default their function is to poison things. Thus if food is grown in exposure of such herbicides and pesticides then the very food also gets poisonous. It has been said that you can simply wash it off but it isn’t the truth. It stays to the core as they are sprayed upon the roots take it in and soak it. Pesticides have a tendency to break the nervous system. So if you eat food that is grown with such agribusiness techniques then chances are you are ruining your nervous system with neurotoxin consumption. Organic food is thus the best way to stay away from such harmful poisons.

Increased Antibiotic Resistance

Health has become a top priority for every individual now and people do take precautions to stay healthy in various forms like vaccines or antibiotics to avoid getting caught by a new strain of bacteria that will make them fall ill. Non-organic food sources, livestock and feed houses in particular also feed their animals with antibiotics to prevent them from falling ill. This rather extra dose of antibiotics may weaken your immune system with an overdose effect and at a point become so weak that it will not be able to defend itself anymore. Organic food growers do not use such antibiotics in the growth process.

Better Tasting Food

There are many people who strongly believe that organics food tastes much better than non-organic food. This may be because organic food preserves the natural flavor as there is no additives which provide that different taste in non-organic food type. Fruits and vegetables do taste very fresh, strong and vibrant when they are grown organically as opposed to the other ways adding an extra incentive to the healthy nature of organic foods.

Enriching Nutrients and Healthier Option

The major benefit of organic food has always been the fact that it has more nutrients. If compared, organic food consists of more essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for a healthy human body. For example Vitamin C, many antioxidants and phytochemicals that is effective in fighting cancer, magnesium, iron and calcium. Since organic food is grown with specific standards without any genetic modification it does put a question on the food that is genetically modified.

Kinder towards Animals and the Environment

The environment tends to benefit from organic farming because there is no use of harmful chemicals in the process, which generally contaminates and pollutes soil, air and water. In this way we preserve the environment for future generations to live in.

Animal welfare is also a very important aspect when it comes to production of organic milk, organic meat, organic poultry and organic fish. It is a happier thought that these animals are not kept and confined within a caged life.

Every advantages noted above are definitely strong points to make a case for going organic. Though conventional food also has its own set of benefits which include the affordability factor the most. Either ways it is important to learn the difference between both the food types and understand what we are really eating. If you have to eat healthy you have to be thorough about knowing the food and know the benefits that come from organic food.