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5 Healthy Foods to Minimize Risk of Heart Diseases


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Heart Diseases are on the increase majorly due to the change of lifestyles and feeding habits of the people. The choice of the foods people eats vital and essential in determining the health of individuals. Unhealthy feeding habits can lead to serious heart diseases. Conditions of the heart may be dangerous to the health of any individual. These conditions if not treated in time may get fatal and consequently lead to death.


The importance of watching whatever individuals ingest or eat should thus be emphasized. Practices of for example exercise should also be looked into with emphasis as they may play a significant role in the risk reduction for the occurrence of heart conditions.

Sea Foods

Sea Foods are critical in risk reduction for the occurrence of heart conditions and diseases. Salmon, for example, is a rich source of the fatty acids omega 3. The fatty acids are essential in reducing and preventing clotting of blood in the body. It thus ensures that the blood in the body keeps and continues flowing as required.

The Omega 3 is also essential in that it aids in lowering the triglycerides. These are the facts that are considered responsible for causing heart diseases or conditions in the body. They are for this reason very harmful. The role of Omega 3 is thus vital and essential in the countering of these fats.

The seafood needs to be regularly included or incorporated in the diet at the value it has in risk reduction of heart conditions and disease. Other seafood with significant nutritional value that aids in risk reduction of heart diseases are sardines, trout, mackerel, and tuna. All these have good qualities of reducing heart conditions for individuals.


Nuts including wall nuts are a major source of Omega 3 fatty acids those found in fish. Since wallnuts contain monosaturated fats, they increase the level of safe and healthy fats or cholesterol in the body and assist in reducing the bad fats in the body systems. This goes along way I reducing the risk of an individual suffering heart conditions and diseases.

Fat-Free Dairy Products

Dairy products are crucial in reducing the risk for individuals to contact or suffer from diseases of the heart. It is however very essential and vital in ensuring that the choice of the products is correct. One needs thus to choose dairy products that are fat-free. Fat-free products are free from cholesterol that is a substance that increases the risk of an individual in acquiring heart diseases or conditions. Dairy products are good for the potassium content in them.

The potassium helps in keeping and maintaining the blood pressure low and thus ensuring reduced risk for heart diseases or conditions. The dairy products need to be regularly taken for impact to be made in the body. Fat loss foods i.e., vegetables and fruits are also excellent in reducing the levels of fats in the body and should regularly be taken too.


Legumes are products that contain fiber that is soluble. The fiber is very essential in the body as it aids in preventing cholesterol from accumulating to harmful levels. Canned legumes may however not be healthy as they may raise the levels of blood pressure in the body. Legumes that are essential in reducing cholesterol levels include beans, chickpeas and lettuce. It is advisable to include legumes in the diet to reduce the risk of getting heart conditions.

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

More vegetables and fruits are imperative in the diet of an individual. This helps in reducing the levels of cholesterol in the body. The fruits contain minerals and vitamins too. The vegetables contain the two too. The two have low levels of calories. This thus means that the intake of these products reduces the calorie levels in the blood and body.


The fruits and vegetables also contain fiber that is crucial. The most important and vital thing is to ensure that these fruits and vegetables are cleaned. This helps to prevent contamination and infection in the body. The fruits and vegetables are thus important in ensuring that the risk of contracting heart diseases and conditions are minimized.


The food an individual eats is vital in determining the level of health risk for the persons. The less the cholesterol in persons diet the less the danger of suffering heart conditions and disease. It is thus critical that health education becomes part of every government’s initiative to minimize the likelihood of heart disease and conditions.

Heart diseases or conditions cause many deaths and add to the burden of diseases. Preventive measures for dealing with chronic diseases, for example, those of the heart should be made a priority. It is however of the essence to know that this depends on health skills, lifestyle, and feeding habits.

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  1. Great post, very informative! Eating a proper, balanced diet is essential in maintaining good health and also adds up to make your best. There\’s a lot of healthy food to enjoy anyways.

  2. I\’m glad sea foods are on the list. We should really make adjustments to our diets to stay healthy. Thanks for the list, it\’s very helpful and an entertaining read.


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