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How Hypnotherapy can Help With Behavioral Issues

For many people with a behavioral issue, the medical and therapeutic facets of psychology may not be enough to treat the condition. For example, smoking is a dangerous habit that makes it very hard to quit.

People may be willing to put all of their willpower behind quitting smoking, but behavioral norms that the person developed may make it extremely difficult to quit smoking. All of the therapy in the world could help the person, but there will still people who cannot quit smoking because the behavior is too strong.

This is where hypnosis plays in. Read more to find out how hypnosis can help a person stop a dangerous behavior. Hypnosis is a procedure conducted by a medically trained hypnotherapist who helps the person go into natural levels of brainwaves without sleeping. Hypnosis, then, is a state of consciousness where the individual’s brain’s wavelengths are at their most relaxed in a non-sleeping environment.

Many people being hypnotized are awake and aware during the procedure, but they may have no cognitive realization that they are being hypnotized. Because the person is awake, but their brain’s functions are at their most relaxed, the person is more willing to absorb and integrate positive suggestions into their behavior. This is thanks to the mind being very concentrated on the words of others.

Luckily, research has shown that no one can “control” another person while they are hypnotized. Instead, when the suggestions match the values of the hypnotized individual, then the suggestions become more well-integrated into the behavior of the person. For people who fear hypnosis is a way to control a person, there is no way the procedure will result in the person being negatively influenced by the hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is more used to help a person conqueror a behavior, a phobia, or another psychological problem that does not have a bio-chemical reason behind it. The fear of flying, nail-biting, smoking, and a panic disorder are more rooted in how the brain cognitively and behavioral reacts to stimulus. Because the brain can, essentially, be re-wired to react differently to a stimulus, hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help the person be positively suggested to overcome the responses they have to a stimulus.

Over the course of several sessions, a hypnotherapist can help treat a patient with their particular disorder or behavioral issue. With the hypnotherapist’s help, a person can successfully treat their specific psychological issue and no longer react to a certain stimulus the way they did before.

People who want to overcome their behavioral issues or panic disorders can try a hypnotherapist today to see if the combination of hypnosis and therapy can help them.

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