Harmful Products

About 33.1 million people in the USA alone are affected negatively by household products each year, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The numbers are quite alarming, not to mention that these products cause damage to property, injuries, and even death.

Scientists suggest that these incidents happen as a result of the chemicals contained in the products. I’ve made a list of some of the products that are extremely hazardous to your health because your well-being is very important to me. Here’s a list of products you need to stop using;

8. Styrofoam products

Countless emphasis has been made on how styrofoam takeout containers are dangerous for us and our environment. It’s not only because it has no single health benefits, but the product contains styrene. Styrene is a toxic chemical that has been linked with the development of cancerous cells in the body, hearing and bison loss, and damage to the nervous system. This dangerous chemical gets into our body when we eat or drink from plates and cups made from styrofoam.

Organisations like “The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration” are aware of the adverse effects of this chemical and are currently working on limiting styrofoam usage as much as possible.

7. Pressed wood products

The cute wooden table that wins the admiration of your guests might not be as innocent as it looks. Manufacturers glue together the timber products using resin. Did you know that resin contains urea-formaldehyde? This means that when you have such furniture in your house, you are indirectly inhaling formaldehyde that’s being emitted in your home, unknown to you.

When your room becomes hotter due to the weather change, the more your pressed wood emits formaldehyde. Overexposure to this product can lead to the development of asthma, lung diseases, and cancer.

6. Products with antibacterial properties

A number of antibacterial products manufacturers make use of an element known as triclosan in their products. Not only is this element dangerous for our environment, but also for our health as well. Research has been carried out on products containing triclosan, ( toothpaste, shampoo, and cosmetics) can cause cancer of the liver in mice.

Amazingly, in September the year 2016, the United States Food and Drug Administration banned the use of triclosan in the production of antibacterial body washes and hand soaps because they claimed there was nothing to prove that triclosan works efficiently than ordinary soap. Nonetheless, great care should be taken when getting products from the store. Don’t forget to read the content of each product.

5. Mosquito coil

Most of us, especially in Africa, make use of mosquito coil. The idea behind mosquito coils is good. However, the invention itself is dangerous to our health. Here’s why;

Scientists have done proper calculations and discovered that smoke emitting from a burning coil is equal to the smoke of 75 to 137 cigarettes. This more than enough to expose any living being, especially humans, to a higher risk of developing several lung issues.

4. Air fresheners

It may come as a surprise to some of us that your harmless-looking air purifier contains elements like terpenes and ethylene-based glycol ethers. I must have you know that ethylene-based glycol ethers are now classified as a toxic chemical. While terpenes when in contact with ozone from the air creates a poisonous combination.

These chemicals give off other harmful substances such as paradichlorobenzene and are even more dangerous in less ventilated rooms.

3. Mothballs

Mothballs are considered the most effective way moths away from your woollen clothes. Nevertheless, the vapours the mothballs emit on your clothes are very harmful.

One of the significant elements known as paradichlorobenzene has been discovered to be responsible for causing cancer in animals. Although the impact on the health of human is yet to be proven, it is still advised that you make use of these balls with caution.

One can’t be too careful because some mothballs contain a chemical known as naphthalene which is known to destroy red blood cells in humans if exposed for too long.

2. Cosmetic products

Bat poop in cosmetics like mascara is the least weird things. Plasticisers also referred to as phthalates, can lead to health issues with reproductive organs in both animals and humans.

These hormone-like compounds give off sweet smell and colour to beauty products and can be used In shampoos, deodorants, and hair sprays. They can also be found in shower curtains. It is best to check what the compositions of the products you are getting are. This is so you can protect yourself from any health risks.

1. Incense sticks

Another dangerous element that makes the list is the sweet smell that incense sticks give off when you burn them in your home. Like mosquito coil, the smoke emitted contains tons of harmful compounds that negatively affect our health which may include lung diseases, asthma, and cancer.

Which of the products on the list are you using? What was your experience using these products? Share your experience with us in the comments please.