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Most of us live half of our daily lives making ends meet by working our butts off with the hope that we can make enough to cater for ourselves and our family. Often we overwork ourselves to the point of stressing our body so much till it breaks.

We are oblivious of the repercussion of the level of stress we consistently put our body through and how much damage it causes our health. Sometimes the warning signs are there, but we unconsciously ignore them till it’s too late.

Let us consider the following points below, so you know where you fall in.


Migraine Headaches

The human body signals the body of discomfort in the head in the form of headaches. Headaches can naturally occur as a result of stress from too much workload, and it could range from mild to severe aches that affect not only the head, but the eyes, and neck as well and a higher level of stress could lead to extreme migraine attacks.

Regular cold

Ever wonder why you complain of constant cold, but you don’t understand why? Well, when the body is exposed to stress on a regular basis, increases the heart rate which accelerates blood circulation and the risk of increased blood pressure; all these combines can cause immunity problems, which may result in you catching a cold often.

Digestion issues

Your digestive tract suffers most when the brain works override for a long time. Digestive problems that may occur could include irritable bowel syndrome that is linked with stool problems, gas, and aches in different parts of the stomach. Worst cases would have the stomach sinking into a kind of shock.

Stomach pain

As we’ve stated earlier, the digestive tract suffers when the body is put under constant stress. Symptoms of lack of rest would comprise of nausea and stomachache. Fluctuation body weight.

Extreme stress leads to weight gain, and this development can be caused by the increase in cortisol hormone that triggers the need to eat whatever they can lay their hands on. Other causes of excess weight could be a result of the accumulation of simple carbs in your meals.



Does your body ache and feel this overall rush of calm when you lie down? Fatigue is the stress caused by exhaustion and symptoms of fatigue may create a struggle in getting sound asleep.

Diminished sexual interest

The brain stops producing enough chemicals responsible for sexual drive, so much so that a person might lose interest in sex. You should sort out professional help if this is the case with you.

Chest pain

You don’t need a doctor to tell you something is off if the level of stress cause chest pains and aches. Although, there’s often no connection whatsoever of chest pain with the heart, and are of neurological origin.

Don’t take it lightly if the piercing pain in the chest is experienced frequently. Seeing a doctor is the first and best option to have you examined before the level of stress leads to cardiac failure.

So what do you say? Do you think you need a break from work to rest before things get out of control? If you asked me; i believe you do.