Stay Healthy

Staying healthy should be everybody’s goal. The ultimate reason for working and toiling all the time is to make enough money in other to do important things and also enjoy the luxury of life. Of what use would the money be, if the owner is not in good health? Hence, the reason why I said, staying healthy should be everybody’s goal.

However, every once in awhile, we over push our boundary, we stress ourselves too much, and the body can only take so much stress. The way our body react to such stressful condition is by breaking down, either through symptoms of sickness or general tiredness. When this happens, and it doesn’t go away all by itself after a day or two, the next thing that comes to mind is to visit the doctor’s.

What if there are ways to stay healthy without visiting the doctor every now and then? What if you can be in total control of your health without having to waste time at the hospital reception, or spending your hard-earned money on health care?

Well, there are numerous ways of staying healthy while keeping the doctor away, and we would discuss five of those ways in this post.

#1. Exercise

Exercise is very crucial for anybody that is willing to keep a clean health bill. Society has made us believe that only people trying to lose weight are bound to exercise. This notion is wrong in all possible ways. The benefit of exercising your body goes way beyond losing weight; in fact, losing weight is just a very small fraction of what exercising entails.

It has been noted that, those who exercise their body tend to live longer and perform better than those who does not. This is tied to the scientific fact that, exercising increases the blood flow to our brain cells. Since blood is responsible for carrying nutrients all around the body, it means when blood flow to the brain increases, the supply of nutrient to the brain cell ultimately increases, resulting into improved functionality of the brain.

Another notable benefit of exercise is that it improves your body musculature and keeps your muscle in tone. This is something most people cherish. Being in good shape has a way of boosting self-confidence.

#2. Healthy Eating

When you fuel your car with a bad oil or gas, then you’re running the risk of knocking out your engine. This is exactly what happens when you don’t feed well. The food we eat are like fuel for our body. The body has a way of breaking it down into smaller piece and consequently absorbs the required nutrient from them.

Ultimately, when we fail to eat healthy food, then we end up depriving our bodies of the required nutrient, and as such the body would not function optimally. Not only that, imbalance diet and unhealthy food would leave the body susceptible to various kinds of illness.

Healthy eating can be achieved by taking heed to the RDA (Recommended daily allowance) of the nutrient required by the body. Eating the right food at the right time. A larger percentage of us rely on fast food to make up for the body fuel, this is absolutely unhealthy.

#3. Dietary Supplementation

Supplementing our diet is another aspect of healthy eating. I had to mention it separately because it’s an important issue of discuss.

A larger percentage of the food we eat on daily basis lacks the nutrient required by the body. Take for instance, the US soil lacks magnesium, and as a result of this, people living in the US does not get enough magnesium from the food they eat.

That aside, for those that eat a lot of processed food. The basic essential minerals required by the body isn’t present in these processed foods. For vegans and vegetarians as well, there is a need for supplementing their diet with necessary minerals because a larger percentage of the food they eat lacks the essential minerals and vitamins.

#4. Healthy Habit

Nothing beats a healthy habit. Poor sleeping habit is one of the things that make us unhealthy. A larger percentage of the world population sleep for less than five (5) hours in the night, as against the recommended seven (7) to eight (8) hours in the night.

Most people use their gadget all through the night, this does not only affect the sleeping hours, but also the quality of sleep. It’s been proven that, exposure to blue light few hours before bedtime would hinder the quality of sleep.

Want to stay healthy? Sleep more!

Other healthy habit to inculcate is eating at the right time, as well as exercising as mentioned earlier.

#5. Meditation

Do you meditate? If you don’t, then you’re missing out on a lot of things. Most people consider meditation to be a “spiritual” thing. No, it’s not. Although it can be spiritual if you take it as a spiritual activity. Meditation is one of the best ways of keeping yourself healthy mentally.

Sitting in silence, clearing your head while filtering out the external distraction is one of the best way to stay healthy mentally. If you don’t meditate, start today! It might be a short session, just start today, and in a week’s time, you would thank me.

In conclusion, all these things combined together go a long way in keeping our body in good state of health. They might look small or petty, but when you practice them and keep to the rule, staying healthy all through the years becomes easier.

Author Bio:

Augustus is a final year student of biomedical sciences, his keen interest lies in dietary supplementation and how we can improve our overall well being.