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It is a common idea that happiness is personal and every individual has his or her own inkling on what happiness is and makes them happy. However, neuroscientists and psychologists wouldn’t agree with this idea and would argue that they know what keeps the human mind unhappy or satisfied. They believe human beings feel awful due to everyday things and habits we engage in, but we don’t even notice.


Let us look into these factors and see if we would agree or disagree with their arguments. If it is true that our daily routines are what is responsible for our deep state of melancholy, wouldn’t it be wise to change these habits?

Spending too much time indoors

There’s been a report from a number of people who either work from home, stay-at-home mothers and antisocialists who suffer from depression. Spending too much time indoor contributes to a number of factors that can weigh heavily on our self-esteem and dampen our interest for adventure.

Relationships suffer because couples have little or nothing to look forward to. It would help much if you took out the time to leave your house at least four times a week. Go see what is happening out there. There is the cinemas, a fancy restaurant, take your beautiful self out, go hiking, visit the park, hang out with friends if you have any, and if you don’t, you won’t make any in the gloomy four walls of your home.

Always sitting down

There is no way you won’t be depressed if you confined yourself into a vicinity. A sedentary life is rather archaic wouldn’t you say? The habit of sitting in one spot for too long would kill you even faster. You are home, sitting down watching TV or chatting with friends and would maintain that stance for hours. This isn’t healthy at all as it reduces your level of endorphin and there is nothing to excite the hormones responsible for happiness.

Get off that couch and take a walk; a 30-minutes’ walk every day won’t kill you. Go do some exercise, stay away from your TV for a while and take life in. Tell me, how can you be sad from that?

Isolating yourself

I’ve seen more people who claim they are most cheerful when alone but I’d say I don’t agree. Maybe your circle of friends isn’t healthy for you, and you need to change them. “No man is an island” as the old saying goes; this means that everybody needs somebody to associate with. Human connection is essential, and you would find that you could quickly get depressed or have panic attacks when you are alone than when you are among people who you have a common interest with.

Small groups of friends help you challenge your mind, learn new things, helps defeat diseases, reduce your level of stress and improves your self-esteem drastically. You could find people who like the same football club you like, book lovers, movie freaks, anything to keep the mind busy. Don’t just sit there and confine yourself to one spot. Belong to something.

You are not creative

Being creative is you developing yourself for yourself. Many of us find comfort in not doing anything and in fact, get reluctant to do anything that would involve you racking your head. The advantages of being creative are numerous, and it doesn’t have to be linked with making money or being famous.


Creativity helps keep the mind sharp, fights depression and anxiety, improves mood, reduces your level of stress and helps build self-confidence. Being creative could be anything that requires an intricate approach; it could be arranging dominos, completing a Rubik cube, planting flowers or painting. As long as it challenges the mind, that’s basically all it takes to be creative.

When all you do is consume

Nothing beats the “Art of giving”. Philosophers would have inspirational quotes that surround this subject –Giving. To truly live a meaningful life, you need to adopt the habit of giving and change the mindset of always take and consuming. The simple act of kindness would make you feel significant and also give you a sense of satisfaction.

On days when you are feeling down, the tiniest act of giving can lift your spirit and cheer you up. Visiting the orphanages, volunteering for a good cause, helping the older citizens are ways you can give back.

We should all strive for happiness ad going about it the right way guarantees long-lasting health. Are there habits that you notice make you sink more into depression and don’t improve your happy state? Don’t you think it’s better if you stopped them?


This article is for informational/educational purposes only. Healthtian does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, read more.


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