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The Overnight Diet for Weight Loss

The overnight diet is a unique invention, a medically proven diet to show instant and lasting results. It claims to make you lose up to 2 pounds in the very 1st night of starting, 9 pounds during the 1st week and keeps your weight loss persistent.

It is Caroline Apovian’s groundbreaking finding after years of research in the science of dieting. Director of the Nutrition and Weight Management Center at Boston Medical Center, Caroline Apovian wrote her book The Overnight Diet:

The Proven Plan for Fast, Permanent Weight Loss with Francis Sharpe, as a really effective guide to control obesity and diabetes, and to inform people about her insight on nutrition.

What Overnight Diet is?

Overnight diet is Caroline’s specially formulated diet, a combination of first day power-up jump-starts for one’s fat burning and weight loss overnight, which is followed by six day fueling-up to maintain the fat burning mode in his/her body with lots of liberty to enjoy tasty foods in good amount.

In spite of having foods like peanut butter, hamburger, or even chocolate, one will not gain any weight. The Overnight Diet burns fat, not muscle, and reduce water retention and bloating, which ultimately results in getting loss of weight, and a slim body.

The Purpose of Overnight Diet

The Overnight Diet has been developed by famous medical professionals for rapid weight loss that used once, keeps one free from obesity. This formulation revs up one’s metabolism so that one can burn more and more fats very quickly.

But, it does not deprive one from enjoying one’s favorite food, while leading him/her to lose pounds and inches. Actually, it makes those genes inactive that cause one to gain weight. With very little exercise one can burn great length of fat in a really short period. At the same time, it boosts one’s energy level and reduces the risk of cardiac diseases, cancer and diabetes.

Phases of Overnight Diet

Overnight Diet claims to act so fast on one’s body that one loses 2 pounds on the first night and then 9 pounds in the first week. The diet begins with a one-day plan on which one has to take a temporary break from solid food. He/she can have a variety of delicious smoothies for the entire day. This kick starts a rapid fat burning.

Following this one-day program, one then needs to make a 6-day eating program when he/she can have a variety of preferred foods, especially protein-enriched foods.

The Ideal Diet to follow

After the 1-day program on which one is recommended to intake liquid foods like banana latte, green apple goddess, enchanted blueberry, etc., one is really free to enjoy the foods of his/her choice. Any sort of food can be taken during this phase.

But, the ideal diet chart consists of black bean preparation, one orange and one cup coffee in the breakfast, baked apples as the morning snack, 4 ounces of salmon, accompanied with oven roasted.

Vegetable with olive oil and 1 cup of spicy noodles at lunch, a variety of fruits as an afternoon snack, barbeque pork with steamed green vegetables, green beans and 1 glass of red wine in the diner. One can also have his/her favorite dessert and evening snack in the diet, throughout these 6 days.


Overnight Diet is a fantastic creation of Caroline Apovian for the benefits of humankind. This formulation helps one to keep his/her obesity under control, despite enjoying the preferred foods.

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