Home Remedies

Some quick home remedies have become very popular among people who prefer the idea of finding fast ways in fixing medical issues so they can save some bucks and avoid hospital visits.

However, it is important to note that some of these home remedies put your health at risk and would even cost you more if you continue to use them.

Be sure to know what the products you are using contain before use. Let’s consider some of them shall we;

1. Mouthwash Gargling

Treating cold by gargling with mouthwash isn’t the best choice and also not medically efficacious. Doctors would, however, recommend plenty of rest to help you feel better.

Sore throats only get inflamed when you use mouthwash and this would cause irritation instead of soothing it. Drinking plenty of warm liquids and getting lots of rest is the best option here.

2. Cutting wart

The use of knives, scissors, and other sharp tools to cut off warts has been adopted by some people, but you should desist from such activities as this is a straightforward way of getting an infection. You could see your doctor to recommend safer ways of wart cutting instead of increasing your chances of infections.

3. Kitchen remedies for burns

Applying oil or butter on burns may prove to do more harm than good. When you accidentally get a burn, the damage continually transfers into your flesh at least until the skin cools down.

It doesn’t matter if the source of the burn directly or indirectly come in contact with your skin. It is recommended by a specialist for people who suffer burns to put the area under cold water immediately.

The use of butter will actually slow the cooling process down unlike when you use water.

4. Using toothpaste to treat acne and cold sores

The natural ingredients common in toothpaste are menthol, alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide; products that can typically irritate your skin more than they can help in making it feel better. It’s true that the baking soda in toothpaste can dry out acne or cold sores, but the problem is that the ingredients the toothpaste contain can aggravate especially sensitive skins.

5. Whiskey for tooth pain

The thought of using whiskey as a treatment of a toothache may excite some people since whiskey contains a little dose of anesthetic properties. Although using the liquor for pain won’t do direct damage, it vital you get treatment on time before the pain results to something more serious as the use of whiskey isn’t a recommended cure for toothaches.

6. Colloidal silver

There was a massive campaign about its magical healing properties years ago, but specialists beg to differ. The use of colloidal silver is an alternative treatment for all sorts of infections and diseases like common cold and cancer, but the purpose of this method is considered dangerous as it has been linked to some adverse side effect.

Specialists have warned countless times about how hazardous colloidal silver for human use. It builds up in the system over time, and continuous use may leave you intoxicated or making you look like the cartoon character “Smurf” with bluish skin discoloration.

7. Odd dental remedies

Attempts to rub substances such as painkillers or headache powders onto the gum area with the purpose of relieving toothaches can be somewhat harmful. Gums can react to chemical burns from procedures such as this. Teeth problems don’t just fix themselves. You need to have proper care from a dentist.

8. Hazardous remedies for head lice

Isn’t it unusual to find people using flammable substances such as kerosene, petrol even pesticides as home remedies in getting rid of head lice, knowing fully well how extremely toxic these products are to human skin? Safer products such as Vaseline, water, olive oil act precisely the opposite, and are perfectly safe. Get a prescription from your doctor and follow the instructions.

9. Using Castor oil to speed up labor

In a recent report, women have been using castor oil to induce labor. Castor oil technically has nothing in relation to pregnancy, but would instead cause constipation. It is vital you let nature do its magic or make the doctors do their job. Ingesting harmful substances isn’t ideal, and you just might be putting you and your baby’s health at risk.

10. Earwax candling

The act of candling to get rid of earwax has recently become viral. Nonetheless, it’s also been reported some people have had to seek medical attention for damaged eardrums and ear canals when this unorthodox home remedy gets out of control.

Why would a person actually go through such risk when they could have easily used cotton buds?

Did you enjoy this piece? Are there other home remedies that you know can do more harm than good? Do feel free to share them in the comment section and also don’t forget to share my article with family and friends. Cheers!