olive oil

Are you aiming for weight loss in the days to come? Do you want to start leading a healthy lifestyle? Whatever your health concern, it’s clear that your diet is the best place to start!

There is enough research to show that the consumption of certain food items, such as olive oil, can positively impact your weight loss journey. 

Countless extra virgin olive oil health benefits make it a dietary staple and superfood for your meals, right from lending antioxidants to your body to battling breast cancer and earaches.

Olive oil is certainly a healthier option compared to other oils since it retains most of its nutrients at the time of extraction and processing. 

Plus, the antioxidants in olive oil do not break down easily and find their way into your food. This is not the case with regular oils, which usually lose their nutritional value when heated at high temperatures.

Those who add extra virgin olive oil to their meals are at a lower risk of stroke and can manage their weight easily, making it the perfect ingredient for a healthy lifestyle.

Thus, there are plenty of reasons why you should add olive oil to your salads! 

Making Healthy Recipes With Olive Oil At Home

If you want to consume a wholesome and satisfying meal with olive oil, here are some of the best diet-conscious recipes to try at home.

Pear And Spinach Salad

Smoked Turkey and Citrus Wild Rice Salad
R249034 Smoked Turkey and Citrus Wild Rice Salad with Orange Honey Vinaigrette

This unusual blend of vegetables and fruits brings a healthy dose of nourishment to your plate. 

Dominated by the presence of pear, this spinach salad is generously topped with extra virgin olive oil, a low-calorie dressing. Make this salad with a dash of mustard for some tantalizing flavors.

To take the health component of this salad a notch higher, add a medley of other vegetables such as capsicum, carrots, and sprouts. You can further add cabbage to this salad and make it a crunchy delight.

The constituents of this salad make it a high fiber meal abundant in potassium that keeps your blood pressure under control. One serving of this salad gives you up to 64 calories, considerably lower than an ordinary meal. 

Beet And Garlic Salad Recipe 

Many people find it a bit odd to think of garlic as a major component of a salad. However, combining boiled beetroot cubes with crushed garlic offers the benefit of beta cyanine and vitamin C to your body.

Pour some lemon juice and add a dash of extra virgin olive oil to this mix for a tasty and satisfying meal option! 

The total caloric intake from this salad is only 48 calories, making it a wholesome meal for your meal cravings. 

Avocado And Carrot Salad

Add some vibrancy to your meals with this tempting olive oil salad option. You can make this salad with a host of veggies that include carrots, avocados, capsicum, broccoli, red cabbage, and oranges. 

For a dressing, pick extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and honey to add the perfect combination of spice and flavor to your salad. 

The salad is rich in several vitamins and iron, making it a rich superfood for your health and a delight for your taste buds. For some extra flavor, you can also add some garlic to this salad. 

Mixed Beetroot And Sprouts Salad

There is nothing as healthy as a bowl full of fresh salad loaded with health benefits for your body. 

The addition of sprouts, tomatoes, and lettuce to this beetroot salad make it a crunchy delight that you can enjoy at any hour of the day. 

Top it off with a tangy dressing of lemon juice, spices, and honey to make it a healthy and tasty meal to satisfy your appetite. 

Low in calories but high in vitamins and fiber, this salad is a rich source of various nutrients, which we often do not consume in enough quantities. 

Sprouts And Lentils Salad

Sprouts And Lentils Salad

This is a fulfilling salad option for when you want a proper meal, sans the calories. 

This salad uses a healthy blend of capsicums, onions, lettuce, and lentils, which work together to provide wholesome nutrition while also working to build your immune system and fight various diseases. 

The salad offers a variety of textures and flavors that you will never get tired of eating. Adding extra virgin olive oil will only make this salad more powerful in terms of its health quotient. 

Rajma Vegetable Salad

If you want to ditch your boring, run-of-the-mill meals, you can opt for something crunchy and tasty such as this rajma salad, loaded with the goodness of vitamins and calcium. 

Make it with some capsicum, spinach, carrots, onions, cooked rajma, tomatoes, and a dressing of oregano and extra virgin olive oil. The blend of textures and colors of this salad will surely lift your day and mood. 

This salad is heavier on the caloric side, with 272 calories in a serving. Yet, at the same time, every single calorie in this blend of flavors is a healthy one! 

Healthy Greek Salad

Packed with a dose of cheese and vegetables, the Greek salad is a popular choice of healthy and scrumptious meals with many. 

To pack the salad with the goodness of nutrition, go for feta cheese, dunked in a handful of Romanian lettuce, cucumber, onions, tomatoes, black olives. 

Top it with a generous dash of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice for a zesty flavor. Enjoy the salad as a substitute for lunch as it contains less than 150 calories in a serving. 

To Conclude

The extra virgin variety is perhaps the healthiest olive oil to consume on a daily basis, especially for those who use cooking oils regularly in their meals and salads. 

If you want to make healthier choices, try incorporating extra virgin olive oil in your salad for minimum calories and maximum flavor. 

While there are many health benefits attached to the consumption of extra virgin olive oil, be careful of the low quality, adulterated olive oil available in the market in the guise of ‘the best olive oil”.

These diet-friendly salad recipes will surely become a staple in your recipe books after you enjoy their wholesome goodness and flavors.