Why You Need a Family Dentist

If you have known that all dentists are equal, you could not be more mistaken. There are general dentists and then there are family dentists.

General dentist while they help you get your best smile, only serve patients in a specific age group. For example, you can find a general dentist who will not handle very young patients below 16 years of age.

In that case, you will have to continue your search for a qualified dentist.  Many general dentists will offer services such as restorative procedures like root canal, dental crowns, veneers, dentures, and bonding. They will also provide braces for patients.

A family dentist, on the other hand, will handle patients of all ages. Family dentists provide a one-stop-shop for you and your family when you need dental care or treatment.

Some of the services which family dentists offer include orthodontics, sealants, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, and gum disease treatment. It is important to choose a family dentist who will provide not only quality dental care but also exceptional customer service.

You can find all that and much more at Graf family dentistry. Want more reason to visit a family dentist?  Here you go;

1. You save money

Dentists do not come cheap, and the last thing you need is to waste money switching between dentists in different locations.

With a family dentist, you only need to schedule a single appointment for your entire family and save on transportation costs and time as well. You know time is money, right? Additionally, you avoid the headache that comes with multiple bills from different dentists.

2. You can enjoy a wider range of services

Family doctors serve people of all ages, so you can expect that you will not need to look for any service in another place. From small children to the elderly, a family doctor can handle all your issues.

3. Build better relationships

Good relationships can be crucial to effective treatment. When your kids know and trust your dentist, they will be much more comfortable receiving services from them.

With a family doctor, it becomes possible for your family to build a trusting relationship with the dentist. Moreover, a family dentist understands how the teeth of your children are changing as they grow and will, therefore, offer customized treatment.

4. It gets easier to track your family’s dental history

We all love convenience and that is what family doctors provide. Since you need to do regular dental checkups for your entire family, you need to do so with ease and convenience.

When you choose a family doctor, it is easier to track the dental history of your entire family which speeds up the treatment process as it becomes easy to identify where the problem could be. Dentists will also identify any medical issue your teeth may have in time because they are very well versed with your oral health.

When any member of your family needs orthodontic procedure in future, your family dentist can recommend the most suitable procedure.

5. You get advice in case of ailments that may affect your dental health

A family dentist will document your health journey to ensure that every procedure you undergo is safe. You should inform your dentist about certain ailments before you receive dental services. For example, if you have high blood pressure, you should let your dentist know.

Some blood pressure tablets can cause your mouth to dry, which increases your chances of developing tooth decay. Your doctor can recommend medicines that are safe for your dental health

Another case would be when one of your body parts has been replaced. You need to inform your dentist so that they can give you preventative antibiotics before performing any dental procedure. The antibiotics prevent the surgery site from infection.

6. Updates and education

A family dentist will educate you and your family about good oral hygiene and dental care to prevent diseases. He or she will also update you on the state of your oral health and provide updates of the latest practices and technologies to help your family attain the highest level of oral health.

Having a different dentist for each member of your family is an unnecessary pain. You may find it hard to make a switch because you have already developed a relationship with your current dentist for many years, but the family dentist has much more to offer for you and your family.

To find the best family dentist for you, consider the education and experience of the professionals and their quality of care toward patients.

Editorial Staffs at Healthtian, A team of Writers.

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