eating healthy

Around the world there are millions of people that suffer from addiction. It’s a cruel beast that can trap you from all corners, whether it be alcohol, drugs or the likes of gambling and food. Each one as devastating not only on your own life, but other people’s too.

That’s why treatment and recovery is so vital. And that comes in a variety of forms. There are treatment centres all over the world that are welcoming more people through their door than ever before, with places in the UK such as Sanctuary Lodge creating essential treatment programmes that are not only aimed at getting people off the substance they’re addicted to, but also creating a healthier and happier lifestyle.

A big part of that is actually diet. And eating healthily is such a big part of recovery. In fact, there are some food stuff that really can help with both addiction, treatment and recovery, with a balanced diet absolutely key.

But why is that and what are the foods that can really help?


When it comes to alcohol addiction, tofu is great for both when you’re addicted and the recovery phase. With alcohol creating toxins in the liver that can’t be broken down and cause significant damage, tofu can actually help the recovery of the liver.

You’ll find it offered up at a lot of treatment centres for those suffering from alcohol addiction, and it’s something that should be added to your diet in general. There are some great tofu recipes these days to cook up a real storm, with plenty of flavour and tons of goodness to help with your treatment.

Poultry and Fish

The amino acids found in both poultry and fish, in particular, are a really important part of a diet when in the recovery process as the dopamine and norepinephrine created from the food sources can help quell cravings, as well as being good for you.

Dopamine provides a natural high and can replace the highs we seek from the likes of alcohol and drugs. So, people enter the real world again following addiction treatment, eating plenty of fish or poultry can help keep cravings and the potential for relapse away.

Other foods

There are also tons more foods that can really help cravings that will become a vital part in your life and recovery and all form part of a healthy, balanced diet. The likes of whole grains are incredibly important as your body will still be craving sugars from alcoholic drinks, but the complex carbohydrates can kill those cravings over a longer period.

The likes of spinach can help regulate your metabolism and be a good source of fibre, while plain, organic yoghurt deserves and honourable mention too as a good source of vitamin D.