Skunk Removal Company

You’ve got a skunk in your attic or yard and want it gone. You call your local wildlife removal company, and they understand your situation.

They say that they can trap the animal and remove it for you.

Now what?

When you’re dealing with a skunk removal company, there are some important questions that need to be asked. Here are the most important ones:

What kind of trap do they use?

Skunks are not easy to trap, so it’s important that your skunk removal company uses the right kind of trap. Skunks have to be caught in a live trap, which is a device that encloses and holds an animal without killing it. The traps used by most skunk removal companies will be cage-style traps made of steel wire mesh or plastic mesh with holes small enough that only the skunk can get in but big enough that they can’t squeeze through them.

The trap is placed near where the skunk was seen and baited with food, such as canned cat food or peanut butter. The traps must be checked every day because if they are left too long without being checked, the skunk will die of dehydration.

How long will it take them to come set the trap?

When you ask how long it will take to set the trap, you want to know two things:

  • How soon can they arrive at your home? If you’re trying to get rid of skunks in a hurry, request same-day service. If it’s not an emergency and you don’t mind waiting a few days for them to come out, then tell them that.
  • How long does it take for them to set the trap? Skunks are most active at night (when they hunt), so remember that when choosing your time frame for when they need to arrive. They might have something else scheduled before or after their appointment with you, so plan accordingly.

Will they move the trapped skunk far away from your property?

Skunks are nocturnal animals, so you may not see them during daylight hours. You may want to ask if the company will check on their traps in the morning and evening. Skunks can travel up to 1 mile from their home, so it’s important that a professional skunk removal company moves them as far away as possible.

If a family member or neighbor has a pet that is susceptible to being sprayed by a skunk (e.g., dogs), then this is also something you might want to know ahead of time so that you can take precautions for them too.

Do they have references from past clients?

One of the most important things you can do when choosing a skunk removal company is to get references. Looking up reviews online will tell you what people think of their service, but getting in touch with people who have used their services can give you more details about how they operate.

If someone has had experience with the company, they will be able to answer questions like:

  • How long did it take them to come out? Did they respond quickly, or were they late?
  • Did they make sure that all of the skunks were removed before leaving? Did they leave behind any waste products or messes?
  • Did the team always wear protective gear (like gloves and masks) so that no one got sprayed by a skunk’s defensive spray?


If you’re looking for a reputable skunk removal company, we hope that this list of questions will help give you some insight. If someone has had experience with the company, they should be able to answer these questions and more.