Cosmetic Surgery Trends

Cosmetic surgery has been all the rave since face lifts were invented. Since then beauty trends have changed with the times and cosmetic procedures have been created to fit those trends.

In 2017, it is no different. Many of the same in-demand cosmetic surgeries that were popular in 2016 are still in vogue this year. However, there are some new ones that are appearing this year like Dimple Plasties. Cosmos Clinic, experts for Botox injections, state that this year we will continue to see bigger buts, smaller boobs, and fatless hips.

Brazilian Butt

Breast augmentation was huge in the 90’s, but in the current millennia, butt augmentation is king. In most cases, queen! The buttocks augmentation procedure helps change the shape and size of someone’s butt through the means of silicone implants or fat replacement.

There is no bigger buttocks augmentation procedure these days than the Brazilian Butt Lift, which results in a round, perky, and firm asset. No doubt, the Brazilian Butt Lift has been inspired by high-profile celebrities like Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, and Beyoncé.

In the 80’s no woman would have dreamed of doing such a thing – getting a bigger butt. These past few years, however, it is has been the hallmark of the perfect body.

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Remember when women wanted bigger boobs? Not anymore. In 2017, big butts are in, big boobs are out. A few years ago, women were sporting breasts that measured 350 to 400cc. In 2017, the size has shrunk and ranges anywhere between 250 to 300cc.

Women are not just asking for smaller breasts either, but smaller nipples too. Many plastic surgeons have stated the recent trend of nipple reduction as women are requesting it more and more to match their smaller breast requirements.



Finally, back to the face. It is not wrinkle elimination, but dimple creation in 2017. Stars like Miranda Kerr and Gabrielle Union have made dimples all the rage these last two years. With more selfies floating around, women seem to want to show off their cheek divots.

Most of the women who are getting Dimple Plasties are Millennials within the mid-high income level range. It stands to reason since the procedure is a whopping $1,500. Dimple surgery is an invasive operation that takes roughly 30 minutes to perform. An incision under the cheek muscle is made and then attached to the skin’s undersurface, which allows the dimples to show through only when smiling and not when in a relaxed position. Photo-ready dimples at your service!

Factor 4 Skin

No, this has nothing to do with circumcision. This is about skin regeneration. Factor 4 Skin is a skin treatment procedure that utilizes a patient’s blood plasma to regenerate the surface of the skin. It usually takes 3 or 4 treatments to notice results. These results include firmer and plumper skin (a.k.a. younger looking face). While it is becoming more popular in the U.S., the treatment is usually performed in other countries.

Fat Freezing

Fat FreezingNo more liposuction this year. Now you can freeze your fat off! This procedure is called cool sculpting. It entails exposing fat cells to very cold temperatures, which causes their deterioration and death. There is no recovery time with this treatment, but it does usually take several of them to start noticing a slimmer you.

Neck Rejuvenation & Tightening

Turkey necks don’t make good selfies. The good thing is you can tighten up that loose neck with simple surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments. While this may not seem like a big problem, the latest cosmetic surgery trends indicate women are opting in for more neck rejuvenation treatments this year than ever before.

Quick Fix

The latest cosmetic surgery and treatment technologies have made it easy to walk-in and walk-out with a new face in no time at all.

Touted as the “Lunch Hour Specials”, these new fast facelifts can be done in as little as half an hour. Non-surgical nose-jobs and Juvederm treatment are just but two of an upcoming trend in quick fix facelifts for 2017.

Cellulite Targeting

Women can now target their biggest enemy – cellulite – with more precision than ever before. A new procedure called, Cellini, can actually target with pinpoint accuracy, those pesky cellulite dimples.

However, the procedure is invasive and the results are not forever. A needle is used to cut the cords that attach to the cellulite, which for a time reduces the amount of fat dimples on the body – two years to be exact. Recovery is quick though, and one can continue with their normal routine the very next day.

In conclusion, 2017 seems to be the year of the quick fixes and natural beauty. It does not seem that women are looking to enhance their features but simply tighten up a bit and reduce a few flaws.

With these desires in mind, new non-invasive cosmetic treatments are popping up everywhere, which do not require long recoveries or painful surgeries. Instead, they offer fast alternatives that need several sessions and sometimes future upkeep to stay with the in-line with the latest cosmetic trends.