The formation of wrinkles is something which comes with age. They can be noticed mainly on your face, hands, and neck. Before we get into the detail of how to defend your skin from wrinkles, let’s first understand why do wrinkles appear?

Main reasons of wrinkles

You will often find wrinkles emerge where the skin is often creased, and that is why they appear mostly in those areas that are related to expressions. The skin looses elasticity with age. Repeated smiling, raising eyebrows, or frowning forms creases on the skin.

As you age, your body generates less collagen, which is mainly responsible for tightening and elasticity of the skin. When the skin is young, the collagen is secreted more and thus, your skin will look youthful and glow. In fact, the ageing process is usually marked by less collagen as these creases and folds are created regularly.

Moreover, if you have a sensitive skin, then you need to be extra cautious. Taking care of such a skin requires extra attention, and you will also need to ensure less exposure to sun rays, dirt, and pollution. In fact, sensitive type of skin tends to develop wrinkles much earlier.

So it is important to carry out simple regimes to keep the skin fresh and glowing. Let us now look at the various ways of protecting your skin, so that you can avoid the developing of wrinkles as far as possible.

Limit exposure to the sun

Whether it is a sensitive or normal skin, excessive exposure to UV rays of the sun is sure to damage any kind of skin and create wrinkles. The strong ultra violet rays of the sun damage the DNA of your skin.

Therefore, always apply a good sunscreen with high SPF (sun protecting factor) on your face and uncovered body parts before you go out in the sun. This will avoid your skin from getting damaged, which could lead to wrinkles.

Applying a lip balm rich in SPF under your lipstick will also protect your lips from getting dark. Needless to say, it is always better to protect your eyes, body and face with umbrellas, sun glasses, and hat while going out in the sun.

Anti ageing products with Vitamin A and C

Intake of foods that are rich in Vitamin C can reduce wrinkles. You can also use products for skincare that contain Vitamin C. Such products helping building of collagen and therefore, are helpful in preventing or even reducing wrinkles.

Most of the anti ageing products that contain Vitamin A as retinol are also helpful in reducing wrinkles. They also improve the skin tone. Apart from these, Alpha Hydroxy Acid or AHA is also known for exfoliating the skin and producing collagen.

If you are buying a skin care product for reducing wrinkles, look for peptides and antioxidants as its ingredients. Peptides are known to be quite helpful in reducing wrinkles. People buy lifecell and other trusted products because they are safe and effective.

Keep your skin hydrated at all times. So drink plenty of water in a day. You can also apply a light moisturizer everyday for restoring moisture. It also protects skin from any kind of allergens.


If you have a smoking habit, and if you really wish to deplete wrinkles from your face, then just say goodbye to your smoking habits. Smoking reduces Vitamin C level in your blood, and also causes those extra lines near your mouth which later develops into wrinkles. Studies have indicated that cigarette releases an enzyme that disintegrates both elastic and collagen in the skin.

Get adequate sleep as it allows your body to restore and repair any harm on the skin tissues. Lack of sleep produces excessive cortisol, a hormone that kills the cells of the skin.

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Alex Garland usually writes and topics related to skincare. He speaks about various ways in which we can maintain the health of our skin naturally.