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The Healthy Way to Live: Make the Switch to Organic Groceries

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Did you know that by consuming organic produce, our bodies are able to absorb vital nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, etc. far better than from non-organic products? The human body was not designed to absorb toxins and pesticide residues; therefore, by consuming non-organic fruits and vegetables, we put our bodies at risk of developing cancerous diseases as well as heart disorders.

Are you storing the right produce? Think again!

Fruits and vegetables sold in the market might be easily accessible but before you make the move of purchasing them, ask yourself a question! Are they safe for consumption? The answer is No! Fruits and vegetables bought from the market are non-treated and hence contain harmful chemicals in the form of residue.

These pesticides are used by corporations to keep pests and rodents away, the produce is then packaged and sent to the local markets to be sold to unwitting customers such as yourself. This creates an endless circle of poor health and diminishes the optimum health index.

The Risk that Untreated Crops Carry

Pregnant women are at a grave risk of developing nervous damage; also the chances of diseases transferring from the mother to child are alarmingly high. Breast milk can also carry toxins that could harm the baby.

Exposure to constant pesticides can damage our liver and kidney functions over time causing them to shut down. It’s important to address the potential risks that chemically treated crops have on our health. Always choose to go with organic products; they are safe and consumption friendly.

Benefits of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Organic crops are grown on safe soils without the use of any harmful chemicals, sludge-based fertilizers or bio engineered genes. They are naturally grown and handled with absolute care, pesticides are eliminated completely in growing organic produce.
With organic produce, you can be assured that your fruits and vegetables are pesticide free and completely safe for consumption. This greatly reduces the risk of contracting dangerous ailments such as leukemia, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.

Why is Organic Juice considered to be good for health?

Simple! Organic juice is filled with a lot more vitamins and healthy nutrients. With zero pesticides included, it’s no surprise that organic products are always the fine purchase. Organic juice offers numerous benefits such as folic acid, dietary fiber, magnesium, etc. to the human body.

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Organic juice is also a convenient form of food that can be consumed easily; our digestive system is more receptive to organic juices. So give yourself a makeover and begin stocking organic fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator today.

Spread the Awareness around town

Now that you have realized the importance of including pure organic food into your diet, it is your duty to spread the news to your family and friends, so that more and more people get together and adopt an organic lifestyle.

Talk them over about the multiple benefits of switching over to a completely organic lifestyle, explain the reasons and advantages of organic produce on health. Health is a precious resource that deserves your attention, always ensure that your diet and lifestyle adopt the use of organic produce to live a longer and fuller life.

How does the body benefit from organic juice?

Drinking organic juice by mashing vegetables and fruits in a blender can assure you retain and improve your hair health, supple skin complexion, improves overall digestion, eliminate waste efficiently, etc.

Consuming organic juice on a daily basis ensures you have more energy, reduces pigmentation and acne scarring, heals muscle cramps instantly, and strengthens your hormones and immunity levels. Organic juice also helps reduce your stress factor by cooling your body and refreshing it.

Consider starting with a glass of organic juice in the morning and following it up with a glass at night. This ensures that you create a habit that you are more likely to stick to in the coming days.

Author Bio:

Mauricio Prinzlau inspires people to go organic and live a healthy life at Bestjuicer.net. He writes about various organic juice recipes and reviews best juicers. Get in touch with him at Facebook and Twitter.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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