If you are not very happy with some area of your face or body, then the solution is plastic surgery. There are several sources where you can get information about cosmetic surgery including online sources like aesthetic treatments and other similar sites. The most common types of plastic surgery are described below:

1. Rhinoplasty

This is for your nose.  Through surgery it can be narrowed, expanded, or given a different angle according to your desire. This type of plastic surgery is common with both men and women. It will take around 3 weeks to recover, and you need to be careful during the time of recovery not to hit or bump your nose.

2. Blepharoplasty

This is surgery done to correct bags under the eyes or drooping eyelids. The extra fat is removed to give a younger look. The majority of patients for this procedure are women. It usually takes a week or so to recover.

3. Face-lift

This is a procedure on the face where extra fat is removed and muscles are tightened. It gives a more youthful look on the face and neck. It’s mostly women who go for this procedure and it takes around 3 weeks to recover.

4. Liposuction

This is the removal of excess fat from the abdomen, buttocks, hips or any other part where there is extra fat. A sucking device is used to remove the fat through a tube. Again, most patients are women because they are the ones who usually want firmer, youthful abdomens and hips. Recovery takes an average of four weeks.

5. Breast enlargement

In this procedure, implants filled with silicone are used to enlarge a woman’s breasts. This type of cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular among women and recovery time is a few days. It gives women with smaller breasts a fuller look.

6. Breast lift

This is different from breast enlargement in that for this procedure the breasts are actually lifted and firmed to give a younger look. Sagging breasts are usually part of aging for women, so breast lifting helps to restore the look of youth.

7. Hair transplants

This is a procedure that is more common for men, because they are usually the ones who have problem of a balding head. This procedure is done over a period of months where the surgeon inserts tufts of hair, though it does take time for the hair to fill out on your head.

8. Lifting of the upper arm

It is mostly women who go for this procedure. The fat in the upper arms tends to hang loosely giving a wing-like appearance. The surgeon simply removes the excess fat and tightens the skin and the patient is able to recover in about one week. This definitely restores the arms to a younger look.

9. Implant of the cheeks

For a fuller look of your cheeks, the surgeon will insert an implant to give your face that nice youthful look. The recovery from this surgery takes around two months, longer than most other procedures.

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