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The Complete Guide to Dental Implants

No matter how much you groom yourself, how well you are dressed, and regardless of how on point your makeup is, the most prominent thing that can make or break your personality is the confidence. Nothing exudes more confidence about your personality than a lively welcoming smile.

However, what if you are not comfortable smiling because you do not want the world to see inside your mouth. Sadly, dental imperfections are one of the most common reasons why people lose their self-confidence and resist smiling.

Problems such as uneven teeth, stained teeth, jawline problem, missing tooth or a couple missing teeth are some of the main dental issues that can steal your right to smile. Fortunately, the world of dentistry has always come up with solutions to cate to these issues so that people can get their confidence back.

Dental implants are one of the most successful dental procedures that have helped millions of people cosmetically to be able to smile confidently.  That being said, the thought of getting a dental procedure done scares away a lot of people.

What most people do not know is that dental implant is nothing as scary and complicated as it sounds and involves simple procedures. A good dental clinic such as Isca Dental with professional dentists can perform an implant for you and you will have your beautiful natural jaw back. If you are someone who has lost his tooth, a few teeth a dental implant is highly recommended. Here is all that you need to know about getting one.

What Are Dental Implants?

In layman terms, dental implants are meant to replace your missing teeth so that you do not have those ugly gaps in between and can sport a full natural jaw. There are three types of implants that can be performed depending upon the condition of your jaw.

A single tooth implant is a simple painless procedure that is performed to replace a single missing tooth. A cosmetic tooth is screwed into your jaw such that it blends with your existing set of teeth and gives a natural look. Likewise, there are implants for multiple adjoining teeth and full arch implants.

Both these implants are done by making a bridge over the implant thus allowing the use of fewer implants. However, there are a limited number of dental clinics that offer full arch implant services.

Why Are Implants a Better Option Than Other Alternatives?

Some people argue about the need to go for dental implants when other alternative treatments are already available such as bridges and temporary dentures. While it is true that other options are readily available, the benefits of implants outweigh the benefits of all other alternative treatment.

One of the major reason why dental implant is the best of all treatments is that it is permanent and has a long life compared to other treatments. Dental treatments and visitations are always expensive and any treatment that is temporary and requires replacement or renewal means that you will have a recurring cost every time you visit your dentist.

A permanent dental implant, therefore, offers a cost-effective long-term solution and saves you from the burden of spending on dental procedures repeatedly and the hassle of making trips to the dentist.
Another aspect that makes implants a winner is that the replaced tooth is the exact clone of your natural teeth.

They are customized to match your natural teeth and therefore, they have the ability to blend naturally with your jaw. The natural looking full jaw returns you all you lost confidence and no one can tell that you had a cosmetic procedure done.

An added bonus of implants that is missing in alternative treatments such as dentures, is that you can eat and drink anything naturally, without having to worry about your implant. The new tooth or teeth remain fixed just like your natural teeth and allow you to chew anything like you normally do.

Other alternative solutions are known to cause discomfort, hindrance and sensitivity while eating and chewing because of its removable nature. One of the biggest edges that dental implants have over temporary bridges is that implants protect your adjacent healthier teeth, unlike bridges.

When you get a temporary bridge done to cover up for your missing tooth, the adjacent healthier teeth are usually altered in the process. With implants, your healthier teeth stay protected and in their original form without any alterations.

Maintenance of Dental Implants

One of the key concerns of most patients when investing in dental procedures are the maintenance protocols that need to be followed. Implants are permanent and are meant to last you a lifetime. They need a bit of care during the healing period right after your procedure.

Once you are through the healing period the maintenance protocols involve simply cleaning your implants regularly the way you clean your natural teeth. Be careful during the healing period and follow your dentist’s guidelines regarding food intake, brushing and flossing techniques. In case of bleeding, consult your dentist immediately.

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