Breast Lift

In 2012, Aussies spent just a bit under $645 million on cosmetic surgery. That was the 15% increase in relation to the year before (, April 2012.) This means that a lot of money is being spent on cosmetic surgery.

Furthermore, it means that it stopped being a taboo and it reached mainstream. New moms know what sort of effects pregnancy has on their bodies. Therefore, a lot of them choose to undergo different cosmetic procedures. Here are the top 5 choices for moms.

1. Breast Lift

Breast LiftOnce the breastfeeding period finishes, the mammary glands retract a bit because the body gives them signals that their role is done for some time. Once that happens, the breasts become smaller, especially with those women whose breasts are mainly glandular, rather than fat tissue.

The skin doesn’t recover that fast, so the breasts can become smaller and a bit saggy. To fix this, a lot of women undergo breast lift. With this procedure, even the nipple is lifted and pointed to the front. In some cases, women also ask for breast augmentation surgeries which include placing implants underneath the tissue of the breasts.

2. Liposuction

It is quite normal for new mommies to have that extra fat that found its place when they were pregnant. While some of them successfully get rid of that fat with dieting and exercising, others don’t have the time and need a faster solution.

They find it in the form of liposuction. This procedure usually goes hand in hand with the tummy tuck because with the excess of the fat, the skin gets stretched too much.

3. Tummy Tuck

Your skin is doing the best it can to be elastic and flexible. However, the skin on the abdomen suffers through a lot of stretching when the baby is growing inside you. That part is not that critical, but once the baby is born, the skin doesn’t have the time to get back to its previous condition.

That is why mommies go to have a tummy tuck. This surgery removes the excess of skin and make it look nice and tight again.

4. Laser Hair Removal

A certain number of women report that their hair weakens during pregnancy and sometimes even falls out. Also, they report that the bodily hair sometimes get stronger and more prominent than it used to be.

Since they rarely have the time to deal with the bodily hair and the kids, they opt for the successful laser hair removal treatments. While these don’t involve the surgical intervention, they should be done by a professional and not just anybody.

5. Butt Lift

It is quite normal that the shape of a mother’s behind will change after she gives birth to a child. Once that happens, there are two options to give the buttock the old shape back or even go for a new and improved one. The first thing is to do a simple lift. The other option is to do butt lift with implants, so that the behind looks more voluptuous and has a better shape. More and more mothers decide on this step after their childbirth.

Wanting to get your body back after childbirth is a normal thing. With the modern medicine and its constant advances, this has become a very easy thing to do.

Cosmetic surgeries have never been cheaper, faster and with less risk and shorter recovery periods. Therefore, if they are what you need to feel good about yourself again or you just want to take a shortcut, consult your doctor and make an appointment to see what can be done.

Author Bio:

Gabriella Diesendorf is a freelance writer from Australia and a devoted mother. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques. She is a regular contributor at High Style Life.