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Testosterone Therapy – Is it the Real Answer to Men’s Vigor

Testosterone is what that keeps men as men. Men get their special characteristics of deep voices, body hair, facial hair, larger muscles, and increased sperm content to distinguish them completely from women.

Testosterone stimulates the genitals growth when puberty is attained. Libido is best fueled by the secretion of this hormone in sufficient amounts in a male, leading to normal erection. RBC production, Mood enhancements, and cognition like major effects are fostered by testosterone.

Stats for USA

Testicular machinery is worn out over a period or at least becomes less effective when a man grows old. Surveys in the US, reveal that only about 5% of the affected individuals resort to treatments as they are already in the age group of about 50 plus or more.

Estimates show that this issue affects 2 to 6 million men in the USA, but only a minority is looking to get this straightened with pills, therapies, or treatment.

Only those who suffer from the problem earlier in their life like 30 or 40 plus, look for immediate rescue from one source or the other. For all those who are seeking help readily, the best option can just be the Testosterone therapy.

There are myths still that such therapies may lead to prostate cancer as a side effect. Researchers have evidently proved the fact that there is no correlation between prostate cancer and the therapy.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone or Hypogonadism

Whenever a person begins to feel the lack of sexual drive from the normal levels, then visiting the clinic can be a best option. Problems that are diagnosed earlier and fixed readily at once can prevent tough consequences to face. When you are not aware of the fact that you are suffering from Low T issues for quite a long time, then the problems can become adverse. Regular health checkups are must for all of us, just for these reasons.

Doctors can talk to you during the check-up or counseling to arrive at a better conclusion about your mental as well as physical state of the body. Whenever a person complains about erectile dysfunction issues, then most probably the problems are related to the low testosterone levels in the body. Some of the symptoms will include:

  • Orgasms that is not intense
  • Lack of sexual drive
  • Depressed mind
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Small amount of fluid coming out during ejaculation
  • Penis feeling numb

These are assumed only soft symptoms by most of the physicians though. Professional organization by the experts of the testosterone treatments and therapies strongly recommend regulatory action if and only if the levels come down anywhere less than 301 ng/dl. When such a state is reached, then you can take immediate action by resorting to the therapy even if you are not interested in active sex life.

This is because there are other vital health benefits that you can gain out of the therapy. Anyways, before choosing this alternative, you need to consult the physician first as there are patients suffering from other problems that are not recommended with these therapies.

Author Bio:

Rudyard Coelho guides you adequately about hormone therapies and related complications. Whether it is testosterone therapy in men or other hormonal issues, he often suggests meeting your doctor before taking your call.

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