Everyone knows that make-up is the holy grail of quick-fix solutions to hide imperfections on the face. But let’s be real! When all the concealers and foundations are washed off, dark eye circles are still there and every day, you go through the same tedious make-up routine that can take up a lot of time.

Given these limitations, don’t you just wish for a permanent treatment for those pesky and unflattering dark eye circles?

Luckily, there are many cosmetics all around Singapore that can give the treatment that you need. Read on to get a sneak peek of all dark eye circle treatments in Singapore!

Factors to Look Out for That Can Cause Dark Eye Circles

Lack of sleep and rest

Rest is important that can make or break our health. People who are not well-rested and not get enough sleep of at least 6-8 hours daily are more likely to develop dark eye circles that make them haggard and tired all the time.

According to Dr Israr Wong, stress and over-fatigue also increases the appearance of dark eye circles.

Dr Israr Wong

Physiological Factors

Dark eye circles can be caused by reduced amounts of fatty tissue in the eye area that ultimately lead to thinning the skin under the eyes and exposing the underlying blood vessels.

Also, some allergic reactions to certain substances can cause dark eye circles.

Ageing Process

As we age, there is also an increase in the rate of skin laxity and loss of fatty tissues around the eye area are.

These inevitable parts of the ageing process can cause dark circles and hollowness under the eyes appear more conspicuous, especially in people approaching their forties or fifties.


When the skin produced more melanin than it should, hyperpigmentation develops. When hyperpigmentation occurs in the area under the eyes, it can appear darker than usual.

Hyperpigmentation is usually caused by excessive exposure to harmful UV rays and constriction of blood vessels under the eyes.

Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices

It is a known fact that smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can cause a lot of negative effects on the body and dark eye circles are one of them.

Over time, a smoker’s facial features appear to look more worn-out and can result in thinning and darkening of the skin under the eyes.

Inherited Trait

In some cases, dark circles under the eyes can run in the family. Many reports have shown that when a family member develops dark circles under the eyes, other family members can also exhibit this trait.

Common Dark Eye Circle Treatment in Singapore

After a thorough consultation with your doctor, dark eye circles treatments can be in the form of:

1. Topical creams

With heavy pigmentations under the eyes, topical creams are usually prescribed to help lighten the appearance. In Singapore, doctors recommend hydroquinone-based eye creams that specially targets the accumulation of melanin in the under-eye area.

Topical creams have been shown to a significant reduction in dark eye circles, however, the results are gradual and can take about 2-3 months of application of eye cream to see the full effects.

3. Fillers

The loss of fatty tissue and thinning of the skin can be instantly remedied by fillers. These non-invasive cosmetic injectables are typically made up of gel-like Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers, platelet-rich plasma or substances that are able to stimulate the formation of new collagen in the deeper tissue levels.

With the help of topical anaesthetics, fillers are accurately injected into the dark circles under the eyes to create an instant lightening effect without downtime.

Fillers also creates a lifting effect and smooths out the hollowness under the eyes caused by volume loss and at the same time, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin and ultimately improves the discolouration under the eyes.

HA fillers can last up to 1 year while other collagen-stimulating fillers can even last up to 4 years.

3. Lasers

If you prefer non-surgical yet more advanced treatment for dark eye circles, then lasers are the one for you.

Lasers work by delivering bursts of heat energy into the deeper skin layers to break down the dark pigments as well as facilitate the production of collagen.

Laser procedures are less invasive and there is lesser risk of scarring compared to surgery. Each laser session takes about 10 to 15 minutes and almost no recovery time.

Depending on the extent of discolouration under the eyes, your doctor may require more than one session of laser treatment to fully lighten and improve the skin underneath the eyes.

As an added bonus, lasers can also eliminate fine lines around the eye area and gives you a fresher and more youthful look!

4. Surgery

Blepharoplasty or commonly called lower eyelid surgery is effective in getting rid of dark eye circles by removing the weakened fat deposits that cause hollowness and darkening.

With an invasive procedure such as surgery, proper dialogue with a skilled doctor is a must as there are many complicated factors that you have to fully understand before opting for a surgical procedure.