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Spire: A Connected Object to Help You Manage Your Stress

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Connected objects to help us live better are on the rise. Spire, is one of them. By analyzing the way a person breathes and his body movements, Spire aims to detect their state of mind.

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Its goal is to help the person wearing it to breathe better, to relieve stress and help the user regain his concentration.

Finding New Ways to Manage Stress

Many start-ups around the world are trying to create products which will help make our lives more serene.

As more and more objects dedicated to “quantified self” (self-tracking through technology) make their way to consumers, we sometimes forget the natural ways of taking care of ourselves.

The first thing anyone should do, when under intense stress, is breathe the right way; something you can learn at Intermittent Breathing.

Nothing works best when it comes to anxiety than being in control of one’s self, and breathing is a key to remaining calm in periods of stress.

But outside help can always be useful and Spire, a connected object combining mobility, health and well-being, is now available to de-stress and help the user regain his concentration.

This anti-stress sensor that helps you breathe better is definitely something anxious people should look into.

How does Spire work?

Spire analyzes the respiratory quality of its user and detects his body movements to understand their state of mind.

It is clipped on at the belt, in direct contact to the skin, or it can also be worn on a woman’s bra, which is even better since it analyzes the breathing of the person wearing it.

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To do so, it detects body movements and measures respiratory frequency and amplitude. Upon analysis of the data, Spire is able to tell the state of fatigue, tension and concentration of its user.

As with most connected items, Spire is linked to the users’ smartphone (through Bluetooth), where it displays the information it is receiving, in real time.

It works with a colour code: Green means tense, purple when the user is highly concentrated and red in times of stress, making it very simple to read.

In addition to measuring stress, it can also tell its user about the intensity of physical activity, the number of steps taken and his position.

That way, Spire can tell the user to get up from his seat when it has been too long since he moved, to stretch his legs. Spire has no button on it which makes it an uncomplicated item to use.

Acute Stress Disorder
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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Acute Stress Disorder
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