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Is It Safe to Sleep With Earplugs?

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For those of us who are easily irritated by loud noises ear plugs become useful for protecting our ears against such sounds however some people have been discovered to sleep with them.

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Sleeping with ear plugs can make a world of difference for those who are light sleepers for individuals who live in a noisy environment.

Despite this there are some debates over whether it is dangerous or safe to go to bed wearing earplugs every night. As you read further you will learn about the risks and benefits of sleeping with earplugs on a regular basis.

What are the benefits of sleeping with ear plugs?

Sleeping with ear plugs can no doubt increase your quality of sleep significantly. for a lot of people, the only way they can block out sound from a nearby factory, a snoring partner, or even a freeway while trying to get good sleep, is by putting on ear plugs.

This is a significant effect of sleeping with earplugs because the quality of sleep you get matters just as much as the amount of sleep.

You can easily wake up from a deep sleep when there is a loud sound around and such a thing can have lasting effects even if you only had to stay awake for a few seconds. for your body to return to that phase of deep sleep that is required after a hectic day it will definitely take some time.

According to a report in 2006, getting a low quality of sleep over an extended period of time may increase your risk of getting a stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and even depression.

It was also pointed out by another report from 2012 that poor sleep can also be linked to reduced immune function and inflammation which both affect your health negatively. Given how vital sleep is for your overall health the benefits that earplugs offer obviously goes beyond just helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Are there any side effects of sleeping with earplugs?

Ear plugs are safe however that doesn’t neglect the fact that they come with some potential side effects especially if you have to use them on a daily basis.

Overtime your ear plugs can begin to push ear wax back into your ears which will lead to a buildup. Such build-up of earwax can lead to several problems including tinnitus and temporary hearing loss. To clear out the built-up works in your ears you might have to soften it with ear drops or have a doctor remove it for you.

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You can also get ear infections from using earplugs. While infections can happen due to a buildup of earwax bacterias can grow on your earplugs and also cause infections.

Ear infections are usually very painful and can sometimes have lasting complications such as loss of hearing if not treated.

What is the best type of earplugs for sleeping?


Earplugs are generally divided into the non-vented and the vented types. vented earplugs come with a small hole which is designed to help equalise the pressure on your ears.

Vented earplugs are also very useful for scuba diving and flying but they don’t work any better than none rented ear plugs when it comes to using it for sleeping. In addition to the whole 1030 earplugs are also categorized according to their materials:

Silicone: hard silicone earplugs are very useful because they have the added advantage of being reusable however they’re usually uncomfortable for sleeping especially for those who sleep with their side.

Soft silicone earplugs work works as good as the wax worms and they also provide a more comfortable fit. However, some people have reported that silicone earplugs are not as effective as other types of earplugs at blocking noise.

Wax earplug: it is easy to mould wax earplugs to the size of your ear. Because they are waterproof they not only a good choice for sleeping but also swimming.

Foam earplugs: foam ear plugs are the cheapest option available may have very soft and that makes them a good choice for sleeping. However, because the material is porous it makes form ear plugs a healthy environment for bacterial so you must replace them often.

You also have the option of discussing with your doctor about getting a pair of custom-made ear plugs. Custom made ear plugs involves making a mould of your ears and making a pair of reusable ear plugs that match their shape.

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Getting custom earplugs made is usually expensive and you would have to clean them regularly they work very well to block out all forms of noise and that includes noise from an emergency alert or an alarm clock so you have to use them cautiously.

How do I use earplugs?

Correctly using ear plugs can reduce your risk of dealing with side effects. the tips below will help you use them safely:

  1. Roll your ear plugs with clean fingers until they’re narrow enough to fit snuggling into your ears.
  2. Make sure that your earlobe is pulled away from your head.
  3. Insert the ear plugs just deep enough to block sound. do not push the earplugs too far into your ear. pushing them too deep inside will put you at risk of irritating the lining of your eardrums.
  4. If you’re making use of foam earplugs make sure you keep your hand over your ear until the plug expands to fill up the space.

If the earplugs you are using a disposable ensure that you replace them every few days. you can also try watching them in warm water and mild soap everyday if you want to extend their life just ensure that you let them dry completely before putting them into your ears.

In conclusion if you have to sleep in a noisy place or your a light sleeper earplugs are a great way to improve your quality of sleep however you must ensure that you clean them regularly and also replace them as often as you can by following this health tips you will be able to prevent ear infections and other complications that may be associated with sticking them too far into your ear.

Do you sleep wearing earplugs? what has the experience been like for you?we would like to hear from you.

Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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