Everyone faces stressful situations throughout the life and the best way to manage it is by relaxing. It is actually good for you to relax. Relaxing when stressed will help you get relieved very fast.

Other ways of relieving stress like going for retreat or weekend spa do also work but relaxing is the best cure for stress. It can work in less than 15 minutes. The following are stress management tips as recommended by the art of living retreat center.

Mindfulness meditation

The practice of meditation helps relieve stress as meditation alters the neural pathway of the brain making you resistant to stress.

It is easy to meditate. Just sit comfortably in a quiet place. Focus on your breath and bring your entire mind to the current situation and then silently or loudly chat out the words ‘’ I feel at peace ’’ or ‘’ I love myself.’’

Repetitive prayer

This method is actually good for those who value religion. But you need to sample different stress relieving techniques to determine the one which works best for you. That is what the researchers are recommending. You, therefore, don’t have to rule out repetitive prayer if you are not a fan of religion.

In this prayer technique, you need to silently repeat a short prayer or just a part from the prayer. You need to do this while practicing breathing focus.

Guided imagery

This technique uses the art of thinking of all the good things, places or experiences in your life. When you do this, your mind will get relieved and in turn manage your stress.

If you have no idea of any comforting place, you can download them on the internet. Download apps which have calming scenes but you need to make sure that the scene that you download has a personal effect on you.

You, therefore, need to practice this art even if you find it hard. There are those people who have intrusive thoughts that they can’t even visualize any image. You need to try it as much as possible because this art will work to reinforce a positive vision of yourself.


Practicing yoga every day will help to distract you from the racing thought. It helps you to focus that you even don’t think of something that is giving you stress. This art improves your flexibility and balance. Those people who have health problems or any disabling condition are encouraged to practice other methods of relieving stress as yoga cannot work for them.

Breath focus

It is a simple yet very powerful stress management tool. You take a series of long, slow, and deep breaths. When you do this, you take away your mind from distracting thoughts and sensations.

This technique is very useful for those who have eating problems. It helps them visualize their bodies more positively. It is also good for those people who cannot practice other techniques like those who are disabled. However, this technique is not suitable for those who have breathing problems like those having asthma.