Are you obese? You are fed up of not losing weight, or are you too heavy even after undertaking the yo-yo effects. The whole world keeps embarrassing you, with the way they look at your tummy area. May be you don’t trust anybody anymore.

Don’t panic, we have the remedy. We can rectify your image and make you look bright, smart and healthy. Ayurveda says being overweight is the fault of Kapha Dosha. But, Kapha alone can’t be held responsible for your being obese, but it has a vital role in it. Obese people have excess of ama in present in the body.

Ama is the growth of toxins that collect at a particular organ, it obstructs the flow of fluids in the body. Every organ has to face a certain deficiency of something and everything becomes dissipated.

Medical experts rule out weight loss unless ama is terminated. This is the reason why people don’t lose weight even when they are dieting. Some of the herbs are effective in removing ama. We will discuss about them to-day:

If you are not finding the right treatment from anywhere, come to an Ayurvedic doctor. He/she will find a way to make you lose your excessive fat. The approach taken by the doctor might be slow or fast, but you have to take this train, if you want to see yourself smart in the mirror.

Ayurveda doesn’t provide you with short term gains, but will be clearing all the obstacles coming in your way of getting smart. The only thing you have to do is follow the doctor`s instructions and prescriptions precisely.

Practice 15 minutes of Yoga in the Morning

It might get unusual for you if you haven’t practiced Yoga, yet. The moment you get up, just wash your face and sprinkle cold water in your eyes, pat dry the face and begin practicing Yoga. Doing Yoga will keep your body, mind and spirit absolutely in high spirits for all day long.

It has numerous benefits like it awakens, cleans and lubricates you physically, massages and up beats the organs of digestion, stimulates the removal organs, buzzes the bones and muscles, stirs the internal heat, and detoxifies your body.

15 minutes are more than enough, but never ever skip a day. Better do it daily, if it is raining outside you can do the asanas indoors. If you are getting introduced to Yoga, begin with Surya Namaskar. This practice is amazing, musical and sleek. Initially you might find it tough, but once you get addicted to it, you will enjoy this exercise.

Begin by doing it for 4 times and gradually keep increasing it to 10 or 12. But keep the breathing in a steady mode, when you flow with all the asanas. It will be better if you take the advice from a doctor before you proceed.

The doctor will make you follow certain precise asanas, depending on your physical condition. Yoga practice can make you a disciplined character, someone who is engaged to his/her body only.

Better have 3 meals a day

Any routine, which is torturous to sustain will definitely flop. Eating 3 nutritious meals daily is a nice thing. In Ayurveda the concepts of fire, digestion and transformation are strongly linked. It is an art to begin and end a fire, the same is true for the digestive fire.

In order to maintain a balanced metabolism, a kind of nutritious food is required. If we give up diet, the digestive system will die a natural death, to keep it working appropriately, we need some appropriate food at regular intervals.

The body should not find the food a little hard to digest, but frequency of eating can keep the digestive organs working swiftly. Eating less can make the digestive system a little sluggish. No snacking between these meals should be done. What one eats does matter, but how you eat also matters. So better stay steady and consume 3 meals a day at a precise time.

How you eat?

Having food is a sacred art, which should be done in a tranquilized atmosphere, free from any stress, without any conversation, TV or anything. Your body should be receiving all the nourishments that are needed.

You are completely satisfied by the tastes and textures of the food while eating. Neither you should overeat anything, nor crave for anything between the meals. The moment you finish eating, you get total satisfaction.

A Kapha pacifying Diet

As we know that excessive Kapha is responsible for bringing in fats, but it can also bring greed, lethargy, sleeping all the time, lying idle, a heavy mind, depression, congestion, making the metabolism go sluggish and creating deficiency of water.

A Kalpha pacifying diet can affect many organs. It can make the body achieve a balanced weight and improving health. Kapha can be pacified by eating papaya, apple, cherries, pomegranates, cabbage, carrots, spinach, dried fruits, oats, barley, honey, sunflower seeds and many more.

It also helps neutralizes  the excess Kalpha by enhancing the digestive system. Better opt for foods that are fresh and seasonal, instead of stale and over processed ones that are difficult to digest. Proper food combinations can help tremendously if chosen alertly.

Don’t indulge in eating foods that make the digestion sore. It will enhance our health and make one lose the fat. It might be a slow process, but the results will be satisfactory.

Exercise regularly

Aerobic exercise plays a vital role in losing weight strategy. Let the Yoga practice go on, if you exercise daily or at least 3 times a week, don’t do it intensively, but the one you enjoy doing it. The good news here is doing exercise 15 minutes a day encourage the weight loss program.

If you plan to do more, it’s fine. ‘The more the merrier’, it never fails. How and when depends on your schedule, but it will be more beneficial if you chart a guideline for doing some physical activity. You can also play some indoor or outdoor game.

If you fail to make a guideline, you can opt for doing some physical work at any time because ‘something is always better than nothing’.

Recently a new method has come to light, do an intense exercise and take some rest in between the 2 sessions. It is beneficial to those who don’t find the time due to their hectic schedules.

In fact it improves the metabolism of the body, snubs insulin resistance, burn fat and eradicates weight in a better way than doing cardio workouts. Get addicted to your workouts, better ask your doctor if you prefer a change in your exercise routine.

Make sleep and Wake times more precise

Ayurveda says better make your sleep and wake up times more precise. As going to bed from 6 to 10 pm is very appropriate. It is the Kapha time, when you let all your systems lie down to rest and enjoy a sound sleep.

Even furious Pitta takes to the veins after 10pm. You must establish a certain time for wake up, sound sleep is a symbol of good health, one must sleep for 8 hours at least in a day.

Lots of people believe that their success depends on at what time they go  to sleep. A sound sleep can determine the flow of the very next day. If you don’t sleep well, you are inclined to observe hindrances. Discipline and consistency around the sleep time can prove to be a catalyst for your healthy growth.


Taking herbal remedies is another way of maintaining a healthy weight. Triphala is a primitive formula of Ayurveda that can balance all the 3 doshas, the Pitta, Vatta and Kapha. It softly cleans the digestive system and nourishes & rejuvenates the tissues.

Take 2 tablets of Triphala with warm water before going to the bed. If you have Triphala powder, half a tablespoon is enough and boil it in water and keep the water simmering for 10 minutes, cool it and drink the water.

Trim support capsules are another formula to reduce weight. It detoxifies the whole body and kindles the digestive fire. Stholyantak churna is another Ayurvedic remedy that can make you lose weight.

Clean the Tongue

Cleaning your tongue after brushing your teeth is considered vital for oral hygiene. It eradicates all the toxins and bacteria that have collected on the tip of tongue overnight. It gives a great boost to our digestive tracts and help in balancing the metabolism of the body. It balances all the 3 doshas of our body.

Move physically after every meal

Going for a walk for at least 20 minutes after every meal stimulates our digestive system. If you feel tired lie on your left side after a 10 minute walk. It will boost your digestion powers.

Follow the Sun

Follow a natural ritual, go to bed when the Sun goes down and wake up the moment when Sun rises. But these days it’s almost impossible. Our ancestors had nothing to do after the sun-set, they used to sit around a bonfire or a candle and call it a day.

Due to heavy schedule of work these days, no one wants to call it a day. But sleep is a necessary pattern that should be followed, our bodies also slow down in the evenings.

7 to 8 hours of sleep detoxifies and reset our body for the next day. It also improves the cholesterol level (a hormone that gains weight). Follow any of the above mentioned steps and see the reduction in your belly.