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The penis is an amazing organ that can change its shape, constitution and size in a matter of seconds, but despite the workload it is subjected to, it doesn’t always get the attention it needs.

Men rarely spend the time required to care for their penises and have a knack of using it like it’s on auto-function. Here is something men should know, the male organ’s ability to function well depends on how it’s being cared for.

It is highly characteristic for men to go for quick showers without considerably giving their penis a thorough wash. Most men don’t even know how important it is to pay their Johnson a level of attention; they naturally assume that since women are more open to infections to their vagina, then nothing can go wrong with the penis.

Most men aren’t aware that some of the things they do to their penis, directly or indirectly, put them at health risk. Let us consider the following;

Washing the penis

It is important to note that when having your bath, you must gently pull back and wash underneath the foreskin, and the top of your penis using a gentle soap and water only. Force isn’t required. Don’t use strong soap or scrub too hard with a sponge. Hard scrubbing isn’t advised as this area is very sensitive.

Eat smart

Men who eat just anything that comes their way without much care should desist from this unhealthy habit. Eating a balanced diet such as wholesome and natural foods stops the build-up of harmful plaque deposits inside the blood vessels that sabotages blood flow to the penis.

Unhealthy dietary choices with meals that are heavy in calories and low on needed nutrients could clog arteries and significantly affect sexual function.

Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity automatically reduces the function of your manhood and drastically lessens testosterone in the body. Fats in the abdomen change the male hormones (testosterone) to female hormones (estrogen).

It also increases the chances of developing fatty plaques residues that can clog up the blood vessels as well as the arteries to the penis. To ensure a quality erection to your Johnson, you must consider hitting the gym and burning as much fat as possible.

Limit alcohol intake

“Too much of good things aren’t so good”. Alcohol consumption in small quantities can increase erection functions that can yield in more enjoyable sex. Nevertheless, intake in more substantial amount could increase the risk of significant erectile dysfunction as well as numerous health impairments.

Quit smoking tobacco

Asides the risk of cancer, bad breath and accelerated ageing; tobacco restricts blood flow in the body, causes inflammations, reduces the supply of oxygen, hence starving the penis of needed nutrient. It is advisable to curb the habit of smoking altogether to increase the lifespan of your penis and enjoy a healthy sex life.

Limit the level of stress

Exposing yourself to stress could trigger the release of adrenaline and cortisol and causes constriction in the blood vessels which can have an adverse effect on the penis and deter rock hard erection.

Multiple exposures to stress increase the risk of impotence and ultimately limit the penis sexual functions. Men who experience “performance anxiety” should be aware that this is an early sign and it is caused as a result of adrenaline release in response to nervousness.

On the other hand, cortisol secretion, which aids in driving your appetite, amasses bad belly fat in the body. So watch it.


At least six hours of sleep is highly relevant due to its therapeutic functions to the body and the brains. This few hours of downtime saves the body from disruption in the metabolic, endocrine and immune functions that may lead to a reduction in the level of leptin.

Getting the needed amount of sleep elevates mood and helps maintain stress. The penis functions best when the body isn’t exhausted, so why not lay on your bed and get some shut eyes?

Regular exercise

Regular exercise has a fantastic effect on the body and on a man’s sexual performance. A few daily sit-ups, and bench press, as well as other work-out routines helps prevents fatigue, improves mood, reduce stress, and increases physical and mental stamina.

Daily exercises help limit the risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, osteoporosis etc.

It makes the heart pump healthier and stronger blood, strengthens the blood vessels and increases the flow of oxygen in the body. Routines workout focused on the muscles connected to the sex organ become strengthened, hence, improving sexual performance.

Sustain a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship between the two partners goes a long way in reducing health (sexual) risks. Two people who are in harmony can maintain good communication with each other, help reduce stress and keeps the mind sharp.

This inevitably improves the mind-body connection that promotes sexual function. In other words, ensure you are on the same healthy page with your partner.

Stay sexually active

Have lots of sex. Yes!!! Use that magic stick whenever you can. It helps keeps the body and the penis in good shape if you use it on a daily.  It has been scientifically proven that men who are more sexually active tend to have fewer problems with erectile dysfunction as they grow older.